Previous Post Description is a challenging and exciting .io game that takes inspiration from the original cell-eating game, In the game, players control a single cell and have to multiply, grow in size, and defeat their enemies.

You can customize your cell with a variety of fun skins. The movement of your cell is slow but you can increase rapidly in size by collecting the colored gems that are scattered on the floor.

What to expect from is extremely fun and builds upon many of the other successful io games that are similar. There is a range of different servers and game types available – including battle royale, and free for all. The following are some features of this awesome game:

  • Cell-eating gameplay
  • Different moves to split and re-combine cels
  • Colored and patterned skins for your cells

As many players get large cells, requests from your network can slow down from the large volume of requests – this can cause the game to slow down a little, but not much. We would advise playing the game in full-screen mode for full enjoyment!

Curiosity offers many secret chat commands. For example, you can share with the Chat your Level (writing “/level” in the chat), how many hours you have played (writing “/hours” in the chat), your Rank in-game (writing “/rank” in the chat), and your amount of coins (writing “/coins” in the chat). also offers fun features such as shaking yours pieces (writing “shake” in the chat), flipping your pieces (writing “flip” in the chat), spinning your pieces (writing “spin” in the chat), making your pieces jump (writing “jump” in the chat), and making your pieces wacky (writing “wacky” in the chat). You may also combine these commands with up to 3 at once. (E.g., writing “JumpShakeWacky” in the chat. Blog and Forums has a blog created and sustained by Squid, a an agma player and owner of the community. The Blog contains news and information about Agma, updates, features, tips, tricks, and free giveaways such as bots and coins.

link: Forums Daily Reward has frequent giveaways of bots/minions and coins. You have to sign up at the forums, and make some posts. The forum owner Squid will reward your agma account with bots or coins, completely for free.

With giving you free coins, bots and gold membership if you can solve problems, contribute to the game, or complete tasks.
Choose a task from the tasks below, work creatively and hard. Submit your work by clicking “Claim” button through Google Forms. We will review.
If you have questions, you may contact us through Discord, Facebook or community forums:
You are not guaranteed to receive all the rewards on each task. The better your work is, the higher your chances are of receiving all rewards.

Task 1 – Create a professional YouTube video for Agma’s channel

To complete this task and claim the rewards, you must record and edit a GOOD video of The video has to be edited professionally, sounds and music must be in synch with the video and content must be interesting to watch.
You must NOT upload the video to your YouTube channel, but to google drive or mediafire. The video will later be uploaded to’s offical YouTube channel
After you have made the video, you will be credited and rewarded.

Task 2 – Big YouTubers – Big Rewards

In this task, we seek YouTubers, or someone that can contact YouTubers, with more than 5000 subscribers, and create an video

If you are a YouTuber with more than 10k subscribers, we will pay you around €100 EUR and €500 EUR for a single video.

If you are not a YouTuber, but you would like to earn money as well, you can, by doing this job. You will have to find and contact a YouTuber by yourself, and ask them if they are willing to make a video of Agma for money (€100 to €500 EUR)

If the YouTuber you have contacted is interested, contact us with information at Agma Discord/Facebook/Forums and we will discuss. We will pay you 40% commission, after we have spoken together with the YouTuber.

Task 3 – Come up with new ideas

To complete this task and claim the rewards, you must come up with a new idea for agma. The idea should benefit agma, and can range from anything to anything in your creativity. Whether it is a new idea for a powerup, game mechanics, skills, design, minigames, functionality, websites, social media, or even a new task which can be added to this page. Anything which you think can make the game better.

Task 4 – Write Articles for Wiki

If you know a thing or two about, and you are good at writing, you may write articles for the Wiki. The more articles you write, the more reward you will receive. We will judge based on the quality and content of your article. Your specific job is to write information about the game, include images, and describe to readers what features exist on agma. Agma Wiki currently has almost no articles, and therefore we need someone to do the job.

An example of an article on agma wiki is “Gold Membership” which explains what gold membership is, the benefits, and how to get it. Agma’s Wiki page: Wiki Link To write an article, register an account on the wiki page and start writing. After you’ve written and submitted the article, include your username and article you’ve written in the google form. We will reward you after reviewing.

Task 5 – Create/Design a Banner/Header

To complete this task and claim the rewards, you must create a new banner, header, or advertisement image for
Examples of banners: Bots Advert Banner / Coins advert Bots AdvertCoins / Items Pack Advert (Need new) / Gold Memb.Agma Game Advert
If you can create a new banner for bots/coins/gold/items which looks good or better than these, you will be rewarded. The better design you make, the more coins you get.

(Visited 56 times, 1 visits today) Tips & Tricks

There are a lot of tricks in Some are easy, and some are really hard. Here are all hard tricks:


This trick is only possible in io games with fast splitting. This means that you only need to press a button (Z in for splitting in 16 pieces. As the name sais, you don’t need a other player for this trick. You’ll need skill for this trick, and if you can’t do this trick, you’ll need to practise a lot. The idea of this trick is eating someone who is

So,lo trick

almost even big as you are. This is a kinda solo-tricksplit. How to do it: You can do this trick by following this steps:

  1. Aim your mouse to your enemy.
  2. Press W and Z (button for splitting four times) at the same time, while aiming on your enemy.
  3. Feed the 15 cells who aren’t big, so other players can’t eat it.

Practise a lot, and you’ll be able to do this trick.


This trick is really effective for bigger cells and for a battle between two big teams. You need two players for this trick. The idea of this trick is eating someone who is almost even big as you are. You’ll need a bit of skill for this trick, and a


bit of practise to do it if you can’t already. How to do it:

Player one:

  1. Split one time so you have two pieces.
  2. Let the second player come between your two pieces.
  3. Split four times to the middle of your enemy.

Player two:

  1. Go between the two pieces of player one.
  2. Split in the enemy, if player one splits four times to the middle of your enemy.

You’ll need a teammate for this trick, and at least 10.000 mass.

Reverse trick

Reverse cannonsplit

There are a lot of reverse tricks in The most famous reverse trick is the reverse cannonsplit. The reverse cannonsplit is really easy, if you’re already able to do the normal cannonsplit. The difference between these two tricks is that you need to split all your cells in your own teammate, while he’s splitting once. Image Walkthrough Video


Screen Orientation Landscape
Controls Desktop: Space bar to split, W to shoot mass, E to instant recombine (if you own the item) Mobile: Touchscreen
Platform Web browser (desktop and mobile)
Release Date September 2017. Since June 2018 it has a Battle Royale mode.
Genre io game, Collect
Engine Html5
Mode Multiplayer, Singleplayer
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