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C.A.T.S. Game

C.A.T.S. Game Description

C.A.T.S. Game: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is an PVP game where you need to build your own vehicle to battle other cats. The goal of this game is to be a ‘world champion’ in Battle Cars. In this game, you have Quick fight mode and Championship mode. In quick fight, a random opponent is chosen to battle you. The main mode and most important mode is Championship mode. in this mode, you will compete against 14 other players.

In a world where cats rule everything, you play as an ambitious kitten who’s dreaming of becoming the best engineer of battle cars in the world. Your shady, yet charismatic uncle Tony rolled you into the car battles Championship. Beat all 24 stages to get into the finals and become the world champion!

C.A.T.S. Game: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a PVP game with an asynchronous multiplayer. You play against the machines created by real players. Your car fights automatically. The better you assemble it, the more fights you win. Good luck!

The Game used to be called Backyard Battles until Zeptolab bought Backyard Battles and changed the name to C.A.T.S. Game.

C.A.T.S. Game Ultimate Machines

Unlike the normal machines and parts, the ultimate ones are single ones. That means, that you never have two of the same in use and if you get a second one this will upgrade the existing one.

Also, the chassis comes with fixed energy values and there are no energy boxes that could be added to them. In early 2019 there has been the Lotus (see below Ultimate Gadgets) introduced, which give additional energy but “consumes” one gadget slot.

The logical consequence is that over time similar parts will arrive thus the player can combine e.g. two “machine guns” like the gatling gun and the hero’s bow. This also implies that it becomes much more difficult to upgrade a specific item: increasing the number of items decreases the probability to get the specific one you want to upgrade. Last but not least: creating new rarity levels like “superior” with the western set or “outstanding” like the hot wheels sets and the Diamond Pig set which require more and more “points” to upgrade them.

C.A.T.S. Game Ultimate boxes

Ultimate boxes are similar to normal boxes, but they only contain ultimate parts; the first box you get will contain 8 ultimate parts and 5 tickets. From then on the boxes you get will only contain 1 part. You can obtain ultimate boxes by moving up a stage in championship, ultimate championship or in City Kings. Since there are much anye wheels than all the other parts, it will be hard to obtain a chassis, weapon or gadget.

C.A.T.S. Game Tickets

Tickets allow you to have an attempt to gain points. They are obtained in the first ultimate box, normal boxes, super boxes, and Stevey’s boxes. If you are out of tickets, you can spend 50 gems to recharge all of them. You can have only up to 5 of them at the same time.

Ultimate toolboxes

Ultimate toolboxes can only be obtained from City Kings, Store or Special Events. They increase either a part health or a weapon attack power by a percentage and for a limited amount of time, as it follows:

Rarity Duration Bonus
Common 12h 10%
Polished 20h 20%
Refined 24h 30%
Superior 36h 40%

Although they are temporary, applying them cost you “cash” or “points” and rises according to the level of the part and rarity of the toolbox.

“Cash” / “Points” are earned each win in an ultimate league fight (not City Kings) and as a prize for certain finishing rank of a league round. Your current amount is shown on upper left corner.

Special event ultimate toolboxes

Box Duration Effect
Acid 1h +150% to weapon
Extra weapon 1h Extra weapon slot, free energy

Rarity & upgrade system

Each part has a rarity. That determines how many times you need this part to find in a box to upgrade this specific part. The following table lists the requirements to upgrade to the level of a row – you can collect parts as long as you like and you cannot upgrade multiple level at once. You need 2 parts and 10 points if you want to upgrade a common part to level 2 while a polished part needs only 1 part and 20 points for level 2. The current rarity of ultimate parts from least to greatest is Standard, Polished, Refined, Superior, and then Outstanding.

Rarity level 5 (outstanding) was introduced with the Twin Mill Event in November 2018.

Values in the cells are expressed in |parts needed & points needed

* after upgrades

An upgrade gives 20% to current value.

That means, a double dozer blade has these damages (without toolboxes):

  • level 1: 3,500 damage
  • level 2: 4,200 damage
  • level 3: 5,040 damage
  • level 4: 6,048 damage
  • level 5: 7,257 damage
  • level 6: 8,708 damage
  • level 7: 10,449 damage
  • level 8: 12,538 damage
  • level 9: 15,045 fucking damage
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C.A.T.S. Game Image

C.A.T.S. Game Walkthrough Video

About C.A.T.S. Game

Screen Orientation Landscape
Controls Mouse, Touchscreen
Developer ZeptoLab
Publisher ZeptoLab, UK Limited
Platform Web browser (desktop and mobile) IOS, Android
Release Date April 2017
Genre Action, Assemble
Engine WebGL
Mode Multiplayer, Singleplayer
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