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CrowdCity(io): Strive to dominate the city in the cool CrowdCity game. This awesome online game is all about gaining the biggest crowd in town. Start the game controlling a single character. The aim is to gain power by converting followers to your cause. Simply move the character towards neutral (grey) people and watch them turn color and become part of your crowd – easy.

As far as multiplayer games go, CrowdCity is so much fun as it brings multiplayer action that is easy to play. Strive for the conquest of the city against other players from around the world. The 3D games have cool graphics and last for a set time period. The winner is the person who controls the largest crowd at the end of the time limit.

Watch out for other players as they can assimilate your crowd and eliminate you from the round. It is only possible to conquer other players and take their crowd if you already have a larger following. For example, if player 1 had 250 followers, and player 2 had 245; player 1 could conquer player two and take all 245 of their crowd. Try and rule as the champion of the city and create the coolest crowd today.

CrowdCity Review:

Ever want to raise an army of mindless followers whose only goal is to infect more people to join your ranks, causing you to grow exponentially and consume everything in sight? If so, “CrowdCity” is the game for you.

“CrowdCity,” launched last year on iOS and Android devices and is a very simple game. For just about two minutes, you run around a 3D metropolis, adding blank white 3D person sprites to your crowd. Be careful, though, because if another player has more people in their crowd than you, they can infect and steal your followers. If you are consumed by another crowd completely, you die. The player left standing with the largest crowd earns the most stars, which the game uses to unlock skins and to level up players. When players level up, they start with more people in their crowd, with the maximum number players can start with being 45 in CrowdCity.

The game’s biggest strength is its accessibility and quick game play. The last thing gamers want from a smartphone game is long load times, overmonetization and high-commitment matches, and “CrowdCity” does not disappoint. It gets extra points for the fact that its only in-app purchase is the ability to pay to turn the ads off. Not even the crowd skins are for sale, which is admirable and adds replay value to the game, as these aesthetic items are tied to gameplay accomplishments.

Where the game lacks is in depth, with there being little for players to do once they level up to the maximum starting crowd of 45, though it will take you about a week to get there, assuming you’re playing it only in your spare time. The game also only uses one map, and while the blank people sprites that are necessary to building your crowd early on spawn in randomly-generated points, the general areas in which they spawn remain the same, meaning that it takes only one strategy to win the game over and over again:

1. Rush to the large streets near the center of the map where the most blank sprites spawn and add them to your crowd.
2. Find the nearest enemy crowd you can find that you can reasonably take on and absorb it. Repeat this step until you have the largest crowd.
3. Maintain your dominance by consuming any rival crowd that is near your size or has the potential to get to your size. Usually when you hit a crowd size of 500, you’ve secured your number 1 spot for the rest of the match.

The game also has discrepancies with its reward system, with the first place player receiving 20 stars, the second place player getting 10 stars, the third place player 5 stars, and the rest of the surviving players getting 2 stars, with the defeated players getting a star each.

While this encourages players to hang on if they are among the last survivors even if they have small crowd sizes (it is not uncommon for the first place player to have a crowd of 800 and the second place player have one of under 100), if you get stuck in 4th place and beyond, there is no incentive to finish the match. In fact, if you lose a lot of your crowd halfway through, it is more efficient to either close out of the app and start a new game, or to die by hurtling yourself into a larger crowd.

Matches can also be over quick, even when there is more than half of the time remaining in a match. When a player gets a crowd of more than 500, it usually gets to a point where even if the second place player absorbed all of the remaining crowds, they still wouldn’t have as much as the first place player. I’ve gotten crowds of 800 and above multiple times with more than a minute left on the clock, and had nothing to do but let time run out.

There is no bonus for killing all rival players, so once players secure their first place spot, there is no point of playing as a player who barely gets to first place and a player who wipes out all competition get the same reward.

Getting in first place is fun, and absorbing crowd with hundreds of sprites on screen is a treat, even if all of those objects can at times cause your device to lag. Be sure to monitor the app’s power consumption on older devices. “CrowdCity” drained the battery on my Galaxy S8, so any device with older hardware might not last very long.

If you’re a “Lord of the Rings” fan, “CrowdCity” puts the feeling of leading a sprawling army against an enemy army in the palm of your hand, except there are no weapons and if you have the larger army everyone from the opposing army will become part of your horde.

It’s not a complex app by any means, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it never receives any further updates. “CrowdCity” feels like someone’s first game, and it’s good for that. Don’t expect anything that’ll keep you entertained for more than a week. It’s a neat concept that unfortunately I think has a limit, mostly because if the game allowed players to start with more than 45 sprites at a time, the game would crash.

It would be neat to see more maps and different game modes, but only time will tell if the app’s developer will put in the work to keep the game relevant.

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French developer Voodoo just can’t stop churning out addictive mobile games. Following the success of popular titles such as Dune, Helix Jump and Ball Blast to name a few, the company is back with their latest game called CrowdCity. Mob mentality can be pretty scary, especially when the mob is large enough to trample you! CrowdCity puts the power of the mob in the hands of players in this unique .io-style game for Android and iOS devices. Your goal is to gain power and obliterate all the other players on the map. To do so, you will need to gather a crowd.

In CrowdCity you start off with a single person, and you must travel across town to recruit more crowd members until you have enough to overpower the other players. You must then start chasing down other players with smaller crowds in order to eliminate them from the competition. Be careful, though. Others will be trying to do the same thing to you. Make sure you read our Crowd City cheats, tips and tricks to crush your opponents and ensure your victory!

1. Avoid Early Confrontations

When you start out in CrowdCity, you will only have one person in your team. You can recruit more by travelling around the town. Make sure you focus on gathering more people for your crowd during the first few seconds of the game. If you see another player, don’t bother chasing just yet. In fact, you should run in the opposite direction. Other players can easily recruit the members of your crowd, making you weak and easy to eliminate. Gather strength and wait until you have a considerable crowd following you around before confronting other players.

2. Hunt Down Small Crowds First

Once you have around 35 people in your crowd, you should start hunting players with smaller groups. Even if you won’t be able to gain much from them, eliminating them early will allow you to get rid of potential competition later in CrowdCity. You will also be taking away potential targets for bigger players, making it more difficult for them to gain more power. Just make sure you are considerably bigger than the crowd you are chasing. If you only have a couple of people more than the other player, it might be wiser to stay away, just in case they suddenly pick up a few more neutrals right before you catch up with them.

3. You Don’t Have To Hold

One of the biggest challenges in other .io games is that the controls can get a bit tiring after a while. That is addressed in CrowdCity by giving you one-tap controls. When your crowd starts moving in a certain direction, they will continue to do so even if you are not dragging on the screen. That means you just need to swipe whenever you want to change directions. This makes it less tiring, but you will also have to be more attentive because you won’t have the benefit of constant control on your people.

4. How To Run Away

Running away from others is just as much a part of the game as chasing players. When a bigger player is running after you, you can get away by going in between buildings. Doing so will split up your crowd, making it more difficult to follow them. Most other players will lose interest at this point and will just look for someone else to chase.

5. No Need To Finish Off Players

When you catch another player, you will slowly steal away their crowd members. Most of the time, they will manage to run away before you can finish them off completely. It is alright to let them get away instead of trying to eliminate them. Once they manage to get away, you should just look for another target to leech off some more CrowdCity members. You just need to have the biggest crowd by the end of two minutes, so do not waste time chasing stragglers.

It is time to crush the competition with the power of your mob! Just stick to our CrowdCity cheats, tips and tricks above and you will be winning every game with ease! If you know other tips or just want to share your thoughts about the game CrowdCity, feel free to leave a message in the comment section below! Image Walkthrough Video


Screen Orientation Landscape
Controls Mouse for Desktop and Touchscreen for mobile
Developer Voodoo
Publisher Voodoo
Platform Web browser (desktop and mobile) IOS, Android
Release Date November 2018 (iOS), January 2019 (WebGL), February 2019 (Android)
Genre Arcade, Skill, IO Game
Engine WebGL
Mode Singleplayer
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