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Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked

Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked Description

Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked was released on 19 December 2013 for iOS devices. It expands on the previous games with a greater emphasis on story, additional monster characters and a more dynamic environment. The Android version was released on March 28, 2014 on Google Play and on April 3, 2014 on Amazon AppStore. Unlike the iOS version, Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked for Android is free-to-play and features a map like structure instead of level packs.

Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked Plot

Sitting home with a pile of candies, Om Nom has noticed that a gang of spiders was stealing his candies. Attempting to retrieve them, he got in a trap and was carried away by a hot air balloon. Trying to set himself free, Om Nom got in the middle of the forest. There, he made friends with some new creatures: The Nommies. Roto, Lick, Blue, Toss, Boo, Snailbrow, and Ginger are among them. The game then follows Om Nom on his way several locations:

  • Forest: the first location of the game. Aside from introducing players to cutting ropes, collecting candy and stars, it features some new elements like balloons and wooden blocks. Om Nom meets several rotos there, who are happy to carry him and candy across the level.
  • In Sandy Dam, Om Nom makes friends with Lick, who can build bridges with his tongue to bring candy to Om Nom.
  • In Junkyard, Om Nom meets Blue, a Nommie that can reproduce easily. A growing stack of blues can serve as a support for candies and wooden blocks, push objects up or aside etc.
  • In City Park, Om Nom meets Toss, the springy Nommie. She can launch Om Nom into the air.
  • In Underground, Om Nom meets Boo, the scary Nommie.
  • In Fruit Market, Om Nom meets Snailbrow, the fast, one-eyed snail.
  • In Bakery, Om Nom meets Ginger.

The progression through the levels is different in iOS and Android versions. In iOS, levels are divided into several locations, much like in previous installments of the series. In Android version, Om Nom follows a pathway across the map: the path goes from Forest to Bakery with some branches appearing along. Chests with bonus items are scattered across the path.

Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked In-app purchases

Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked introduced the concept of energy to the game. From the start, the player has 60 units of energy; each time you start a level, you spend one unit. They are refilled, one unit in five minutes, to the default maximum of 60. This cap value can be upgraded by unlocking hats. A similar concept was introduced to Cut the Rope: Experiments with 1.7.1 update, but was later moved to the free version of Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked.

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Next, the game features several bonus items that make the gameplay significantly easier for players. They are balloons, bombs, teleporters and hints.

  • Balloons can lift candy upwards, they are similar to bubbles;
  • Bombs can throw objects apart, they are similar to bombs from Cut the Rope: Time Travel;
  • Teleporters function like magic hats and portals;
  • Hints are new to the series: they are direct instructions on getting the mission completed.

Players receive candy coins for getting stars in the levels, completing levels with additional conditions (e. g. not using air cushions) and completing levels fast. Candy coins can be traded for bonuses as well as for customization items. More bonuses and coins can be obtained with in-app purchases.

Customization items add a new look to the game while also granting some in-game bonus. They are:

  • Hats: four different hats are available for Om Nom to wear, each granting an energy bonus.
  • Candies: four different kinds of candy are available for Om Nom’s delight, each giving additional bonus items daily.
  • Traces: the trace of the player’s finger has four different styles, each granting a bonus to candy coins earned in the game.

Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked Glitches

  • When entering Level 20 of City Park in Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked, if you spam tap the starting Toss and then pressing the magnet every time after, you will eventually have a merge of the Toss and the candy.
  • Upon the release of Fruit Market, the stars requirement to unlock the new location was 280. The players who had more than 280 stars were asked for a negative additional number of stars. In some cases, this obstruction could be lifted by replaying a random level or switching the cloud save on or off.
  • If you replay a level, there are two, or more music are played.


Om Nom Stories cartoon series launched a new season named “Unexpected Adventure” along with the release of Cut the Rope 2. These animated shorts give more detail on Om Nom’s journey outside the box and his adventures with the Nommies.

Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked  level packs

  1. Cardboard Box.
  2. Fabric Box.
  3. Foil Box.
  4. Magic Box. Magic Box was first released on April, 5 2011.
  5. Valentine Box. Valentine Box was first released on February 14, 2011
  6. Invisible Box. Invisible Box was first released on March, 25 2015 for iOS – March, 26 2015 for Android. To unlock this level pack you need to complete all levels with all stars, get all the achievements and then do a secret action with the spiders.
  7. Toy Box. Toy Box was first released in July 2011
  8. Gift Box.
  9. Cosmic Box. Cosmic Box was released on December, 16 2010.
  10. Toolbox. Toolbox was first released in October 2011
  11. Buzz Box. Buzz Box was first released on December, 20 2011.
  12. DJ Box. DJ Box was first released on April, 25 2012.
  13. Spooky Box. Spooky Box was first released on August, 23 2012.
  14. Steam Box. Steam Box was first released on January, 10 2013.
  15. Lantern Box. Lantern Box was first released in February 2013.
  16. Cheese Box. Cheese Box was first released on July, 26 2013.
  17. Pillow Box. Pillow Box was first released on June, 11 2014 for Android – June, 17 2014 for iOS.
  18. Mechanical Box. Mechanical Box was first released on March, 25 2015 for iOS – March, 26 2015 for Android.
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Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked Image

Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked Walkthrough Video

About Cut the Rope 2 Unblocked

Screen Orientation Portrait
Controls Mouse, Touchscreen
Developer ZeptoLab
Publisher ZeptoLab, UK Limited
Platform iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Leap Motion, BlackBerry 10, Web Browser
Release Date December 19th, 2013
Genre Puzzle logic, Physiscs
Engine Html5
Mode Singleplayer
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