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Flip Master

Flip Master Description

Flip Master: Master the trampoline with Frontflips, Backflips, Gainers, Layouts, Jumps and Bounces on your backyard, gym or circus trampolines and train to be the Master of Trampoline!With a custom physics engine and animated Ragdoll Physics, Flip Master is the most dynamic and entertaining Trampoline experience ever created! Defy the laws of physics and prove yourself worthy!

Flip Master tips and tricks

Flip Master is Miniclip’s second acrobatic high score chaser. Unlike its predecessor, Flip Diving—which challenges players to fling themselves off a variety of points and safely reach the water below—Flip Master places a trampoline beneath its protagonist’s feet, allowing for long chains of jumps and tricks that end only when you land incorrectly.Increasing the length of those chains and improving your high score ultimately comes down to practice and getting a feel for the game’s physics, but we’ve shared a few tips below to hopefully help speed up the process.

Training montage here

When you first begin playing, your character (The Dude), is not great at performing tricks. His flips are loose, limbs floppy, and landings shaky.In order to improve his abilities, you’ll need to spend in-game coins on training him. From the character select screen, choose “Train!” and you’ll see a list of five skills you can improve.We recommend putting points into Balance first, Centering second, and Confidence third.

Eventually you’ll want to upgrade all of his skills, but these three—especially Balance and Centering—will make it much easier to land safely and keep your run and score streak going. By the time these abilities are upgraded to level three, The Dude’s jumps will feel much smoother and controlled.

Training only applies to one person at a time in Flip Master, so if you have other characters unlocked, they will have their own separate skill tree that will need to be upgraded independently. Focus on upgrading one character to higher levels instead of spreading your coins across multiple people.

Spin it to win it

Although you’ll want to save up coins for training, be sure to allocate some for spinning the prize machine. You can earn more characters and locations here, as well as power-ups and new tricks. The latter of these will be very useful in improving your score and keeping streaks going.When you receive a new trick, it’s added to the list of buttons on the righthand side of the screen while playing. To perform different types of flips, you simply tap and hold the button of the trick you wish to execute in Flip Master.

New locations provide better trampolines which make it easier to jump higher and score more in Flip Master. Earning a higher score awards more coins, allowing you to train further and spin the prize machine for better locations and tricks, and so on. The prize machine does increase in cost every time you use it, but you’ll be able to win more coins overall with the rewards it dishes out.

Keep the streak

While jumping, you might notice a “streak meter” appear and tricks listed with a streak percentage. A streak is earned by doing tricks successfully in a row—which means completing at least one half of a trick and then landing on your feet or back. However, you also need to change up your tricks regularly: doing ten flips in a row will not maintain a streak.You want to always be working toward a streak since it awards more points for each trick and reaching +200% (with the 2x meter filled) will spawn extra coins you can collect.

As soon as you start jumping, do a pike and then a flip to get the streak meter started. After that, just keep doing tricks, alternating the type of trick at least every three jumps. (E.g., if you do two pikes in a row, try to do a non-pike trick for the third jump.) On this note, while you want to change up your tricks regularly to maintain your streak, there’s no advantage to doing multiple tricks in a single jump. This won’t award any extra points (besides the normal amount for doing the trick) and is usually hard to pull off with a successful landing. Focus on one trick per jump, holding the button down to complete that trick as many times as possible, then do a different trick on the next jump.

Control yourself

Besides alternating tricks to maintain a streak, your other primary challenge in Flip Master is simply landing safely after each trick. This is harder than it sounds, especially at the beginning of the game when your character’s abilities are untrained.The first thing to keep in mind is that you always want to land on your feet or back, and landing on your feet is the preferred method. Doing so will give you a higher and more controlled bounce back into the air, while landing on your back can sometimes catapult you in a weird direction. Your feet are also safer than your back, which with even the tiniest rotation can turn into a game-ending head hit.

Your character will try to correct his trajectory to land on his feet if given enough time between when you lift your finger off the screen and when he hits the trampoline. If you release at a slight angle but early, don’t panic-tap to adjust: let your character self-correct instead. Tap your trick buttons as soon as you hit the trampoline and begin your jump. You want your character to begin tricks on the way up, completing rotation(s) near the beginning of his descent. Then you can release as his feet turn toward the ground, with plenty of air between him and the trampoline to correct and land safely.

We usually aim to release no later than when he is one and a half body’s length above the trampoline and often do so much sooner in Flip Master. Watch his feet while he turns and use stationary objects in the level to mark about when you want to release. For example: on the first stage, Backyard, we use the bottom of the house’s roof line as our lowest release point. On the level Gym Trampoline, we wait until he gets to the blue Miniclip poster.

If you need to adjust your positioning quickly, use the standard flip—tapping the center of the screen—instead of a trick. The flip rotates much faster and tighter than any other trick, allowing you to make last-minute adjustments. You can move left or right while doing tricks: simply tap and hold the trick you want to do, then slide your finger left or right to adjust horizontally. As long as you don’t lift your finger, he’ll keep doing the same trick (you don’t have to hold the button the whole time).

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Flip Master Tips & Tricks

Miniclip’s Flip Master is a casual sports game for Android and iOS devices, and when we say “casual sports,” we’re referring to a sports game that anyone could pick up, and get hooked to, without the risk of getting overwhelmed by a ton of features and a ton of numbers/stats to crunch. This happens to be a trampoline game, in specific, where the objective is to perform a variety of moves in a variety of locations, as you train to “be the Master of Trampoline,” doing gravity-defying tricks within the game’s custom physics engine.

There are also power-ups which you can utilize while jumping on the trampoline, ranging from foam cubes that help you “get the jumping party started,” and Coin Rain, which, well, makes it rain in the truest sense of the expression in Flip Master.

That said, there are some, and we repeat, some stats or attributes that you need to take into consideration for your character, but even with that in mind, this is mainly a game of skill and timing, just like a casual sports game should be. Join us now, as we bring you a list of Flip Master tips and tricks that should help you master the trampolines in every way possible.

1. Improve Your Skills In The Right Order

As we said above, this is a game that tests your skill as the player more so than it rewards you for having a good character. But it’s still important to train your characters, as one level improvement in a certain category has the potential of being a serious game-changer when it comes to topping your previous scores. There’s also a recommended order when improving those skills, as this would normally give you the best results, as compared to using a different order in Flip Master.

Start out by upgrading Balance; as a trampoline jumper, you need to be as steady as possible so you can make those perfect landings and angle them correctly. Next, upgrade Jump Power, as this improves the height of your jump, thus allowing you more chances to spin longer, or more wiggle room in the event of a bad jump. Thirdly, upgrade your Centering, as it’s also important to stay at the center of the trampoline to extend your runs. As for Tuck Power and Confidence, you can feel free to alternate them between 4th and 5th in the hierarchy, as neither stat is as important as the three others we mentioned above in Flip Master.

2. Don’t Just Train, Spin As Well

While training is important in improving your characters, you might also want to unlock some new moves or new characters, and you can do this by spinning the wheel. Curiously, the spins get more expensive with each progressive spin you make, but if you get lucky, you could end up with a new trick, or you could end up with a new character. Still, the “progressively more expensive” deal might not be conducive to everybody, so it’s recommended that you alternate between training your character and spinning in hopes of getting new tricks or characters.

The recommended train/spin ratio is 2:1, and once your spins become ridiculously expensive, then that’s the time when you can stop, and content yourself with the free spins that become available to you.

3. What Should You Be Doing To Extend Your Runs?

We could very easily tell you to practice your timing and your coordination, but we don’t want to preach to the choir. There are a few things you should be doing when trying to have as long a run as possible, and we might as well start off by stringing together a streak; one trick per jump will do it, as your goal should always be to land safely in Flip Master. Make sure you’re trying to spin correctly, instead of chasing the coins, as doing so might result in a premature end to your run.

It makes no sense to chase one solitary coin at the expense of the solid run you may be having. And speaking of having solid runs, it pays to watch ads in order to continue after the end of an especially strong run where you’re close to beating your high score, or already past it.

The most important thing you should be practicing, however, is your recovery skill. Too many people go to the obvious by trying to do more tricks or trying to keep spinning after they make a bad landing, but that’s essentially a case of overcompensation at work. Keep it simple when trying to recover; go for smaller spins until you get your momentum back, and don’t mind the fact that you won’t be getting extra points, or the fact that you will lose your streak meter. What’s done cannot be undone in this game, and the important thing should be the fact that you’re still going strong, and that your run isn’t over yet.

4. One Character At A Time

In a game like this, you might as well be sticking to your stock character as long as possible, before moving on to a new one. Too many players make the mistake of going crazy with the new characters, using them to train that very same character. If you really insist on actually using these new characters, you might as well stick to the best one you currently have, using that character to upgrade the new ones. That’s because you’ll earn more money that way, as compared to what you may earn when using a weak new character on a brand-new run.

5. New Trampolines Are Better To Have Than New Characters

Instead of trying to train as many characters as possible, why not go for new trampolines instead? Unlocking a new one would actually have some immediate benefits, as these new trampolines will always be better than the last. That also means you may earn more coins faster when using new trampolines instead of the older ones! much fun in Flip Master.

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Flip Master Walkthrough Video

About Flip Master

Screen Orientation Portrait
Controls Mouse, Touchscreen
Developer Motionvolt
Publisher Miniclip
Platform Web browser (desktop and mobile) IOS, Android
Release Date 08/29/2017
Genre Sports, Jumping
Engine WebGL
Mode Singleplayer
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