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Happy Room

Happy Room Description

Happy Room is an action indie video game developed and published by Mana Potion Studios. The player has access to an arsenal of weapons to destroy a human clone, such as flamethrowers, bombs and saws. There are goals at the top of the screen which tell the player on what to do in order to gain a higher amount of points and deal more damage. Each goal reached unlocks more weapons.

Happy Room is an experimental game in which you must place all sorts of traps to deal as much damage as possible to a doll. You can use traps from 4 available categories. Do more damage and reach the threshold to unlock new weapons. You also need to complete the challenges to earn more money. Click on the upper sidebar to see the challenges. Be creative and try various combos on this unfortunate doll in Happy Room!


How to win at Happy Room.

  1. Unlock Portals.
  2. Place a portal on top and one below, and place saws in between to stop him from falling out of the loop.
  3. Leave on double speed until you get Piranhas and Monsters.
  4. Upgrade: Launch Pads, Monsters and Piranhas.
  5. Put Piranhas right below where you start, with a mace in each corner. Put one Portal below and one Portal above the character. Put monsters everywhere. (While pads aren’t necessary, you might want to place them on both sides to speed things up a bit.)

Step 6, Leave on double speed (if your computer can handle it) until you get POISONALITY or MONSTRALITY. . . . . . Once you have unlocked Black Hole another option becomes available.

Upgrades: Black Hole, Monsters, Launch pads, Portals.

Replace Piranhas with Black Hole (Still needs to have a mace in each corner.), Place launch pads across the floor so they all point toward the center. Place monsters on all available spots on the screen.

P.S. You can also win using only Portals, one on top and one below.

Get the Fatality in Happy Room!

Having trouble to kill the dummy with the shotgun, piranhas, crossbow and other stuff. Check out this guide to get a setup, that should make it easier to get certain kills.

Happy Room Basic Setup

Here is the most basic setup. After you have started the test, the dummy will fly to the right side of the room with the rocket. (Edit: Laserguns should work better and costs less! Information by Degoon) This will prevent stuff from the left side to get out of ammo. The right side has → Jumper, to get the dummy to the Deathrays.

The Sawwall is here to prevent the dummy getting to the left side. The Deathrays have a 10% Chance to push the dummy through the Saws, which is indeed unfortunate. However the rocket does 100% push the dummy through the Sawwall, so the only way to get inside. One way for the dummy to get to the left side is to go through the Happy Room portal.

To stop him to get too soon there, I build a rocket which will push the dummy up to the black holes. After the rocket is gone, the dummy should be a least have more than 10.000 dmg. The more he has the better it is, but it should be under 16.100. 😉 It is quite likely for the dummy to go through the portal and finally to the left side, where you’ll spam the weapen, that should kill the dummy. Some tries and retries are needed to get everything right, but overall it worked really well at me. 😀

Happy Room Special stuff!

Not everything works as well as shotguns or miniguns. Piranhas for example may need some addaption. I added maces to let the dummy stop there and give the piranhas time to eat. So think of some advantages to add, which will increase the chance to get killed by a certain weapon. Don’t Hesitate to delete the Jumper on the left side. For some weapons it is easier to kill the dummy without. 😉

Aother problem is that some weapons have a huge range, like crossbow and this is the reason to make the Sawwall on the right side of the starting point. As you can see the borders of the crossbow they won’t shoot the dummy unless it is on the left side of the room.

Tell me some improvements or your experience of this setup.
I uploaded that setup at the workshop and also give a the link, if you’re to lazy to build it alone. ;j
11.920$ and more are needed!

Steam Achievements

Achievement Description
20000 (18) Deal 20000 damage in sandbox
30000 (19) Deal 30000 damage in sandbox
Begining (10) Explode a mine
Bird (28) Hit a bird
Blackholeality (21) Kill dummy with a black hole
Bladeality (20) Kill dummy with an axe
Bombality (21) Kill dummy with a big rocket
Buletality (20) Kill dummy with a minigun
Crossbowality (24) Kill dummy with a crossbow
Discality (19) Kill dummy with a disco ray
Done! (27) Get all 120 achievements
Fatality (19) Kill dummy with a deathray 3000
Fireality (20) Kill dummy with a firegun
First achievement (10) Complete the first achievement
Frozenality (18) Kill dumym with a ice gun
Good job! (10) Complete tutorial
Gravitality (25) Kill dummy with a gravity gun
Grenadality (21) Kill dummy with a grenade launcher
Half (15) Get 60 achievements
Height Record (22) Throw dummy for 50 in the air
Laserality (22) Kill dummy with a laser
Left Record (24) Throw dummy for 50 meters to the left
Lightningality (23) Kill dummy with a lightning
Maceality (22) Kill dummy with a mace
Minality (18) Kill dummy with a mine
Monstrality (20) Kill dummy with a monster
Next one! (14) Kill dummy
Piranhality (23) Kill dummy with a piranha
Plasmality (21) Kill dummy with a plasma gun
Poisonality (23) Kill dumy with an acid gun
Portality (27) Kill dummy with a cube
PRO (28) Get all fatalities
Right Record (23) Throw dummy for 50 meters to the right
Rocketality (20) Kill dummy with a rocket launcher
Sawality (23) Kill dummy with a saw
Shotgunality (21) Kill dummy with a shotgun
Shurikenality (23) Kill dummy with a shuriken
Spikeality (22) Kill dummy with a spikes
Springality (22) Kill dummy with a jumper
Stakeality (21) Kill dummy with a stake
To the Moon! (25) Reach the Moon
Wallality (22) Kill dummy with a wall
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Happy Room Image

Happy Room Walkthrough Video

About Happy Room

Screen Orientation Landscape
Controls Use left mouse button to choose and place a trap.
Developer Mana Potion Studios
Publisher Mana Potion Studios
Platform iOS, Android, Steam
Release Date December 2016
Genre Action, Indie
Engine WebGL
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