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Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake Description

Little Big Snake (.io) is an epic new .io game with awesome graphics and superb multiplayer gameplay. This game builds upon what made many of the other .io games like Worms Zone great and takes it to a whole new level. This is an io game like nothing else. In this game, you must take control of a slithering snake. Your snake starts of small in size. You must move your snake around the map and collect the colored orbs scattered on the ground.

Each orb you collect increases the size of your snake – keep moving and try to avoid contact with other snakes. To take out your enemies, you must encircle them and block their path so they slither into your snake body – once you have killed them you can collect their orbs! You can grow to an immense size but be careful as your snake becomes harder to control! Be sure to use your speed burst to try and catch opponents unawares or keep your distance.

Little Big Snake also has another type of side game however that runs in conjunction with the main game. Instead of controlling the gargantuan snakes, you can take control of a cute Juja bug that flies in the sky! Fly around the map with your Juja bug and use your left click button to land on the ground to collect orbs – be careful though as your Juju bug travels at a much slower pace when grounded! Try to collect nectar and complete the various challenges set.

As you can see this .io game is simply fantastic! Aside from the awesome dual gameplay, you can also track your snake’s evolution tree and check out your achievements. Jump into this brilliant and fun multiplayer game today and start slithering!

Little Big Snake Gameplay

Gameplay as a snake is simple. You control your snake using your mouse or if you’re on the iOS version, the screen. Your snake never stops moving, there is no “pause” or “stop” button, but there is autopilot. More information on that in the next section. To speed you may press “Space” or “Left-click”. While sprinting, your energy bar will decrease rapidly. If you run out of energy, you will begin to lose mass. Energy will regenerate over time, and can be quickly regenerated by eating.

On Mobile you must use the joystick provided to turn, in order to speed you can press down on the mobile device screen you are using at the time. Everyone also will be moving around like this too! Make sure to be careful as you explore your surroundings!

Little Big Snake Power-ups

Power-ups increase your snake’s performance in the arena. Each has a unique ability it gives your snake, the power-ups are: Devourer (increases growth from food), Lightning (energy will not decrease while sprinting, you move slightly faster), Entomologist (increased growth from insects), Magnetism (allows you to pick up food in a larger radius), and Watcher (increases view radius). They are obtained by popping green bubble in Little Big Snake.

Little Big Snake Co-op

 Co-op is when you team up with other player(s) in a game. Co-op is also known as “teaming” with other players, but this is the canon term the game uses. In order to team you’ll need friends, you can make friends by:

  • Adding a player as a friend after they kill you.
  • Adding a player while in a game with them. (They joined your friend)
  • Inviting a player.
  • Searching their ID/Name.

You can also cancel a friend request if you’ll like and reject/accept other players’ invitations. The maximum amount of friends you can have is 150, once you’ve reached that no one can send you a friend request unless you clear some space.

Low on friends? Make some on the Friends Page!

If you want to share your ID and perhaps someone may add you, you can copy your ID by either copying it from your friend’s list on the top right corner or go to settings copy it there.

You can also unfriend someone, whether they’re UN-active or for some other reason; you can get rid of someone on your friend’s list by hovering over their name and clicking the settings icon on the right side, then clicking Delete.

In teams, players work together to kill a target (usually the rebel) or just help each other gain mass. Anyhow, the most players that can be on one team is 5. Though if players join at the exact same time, there can be more than 5 (this rarely happens, but as many as 8 players can end up on a team together).

For some team strategies or general advice, see the bottom of tactics.

If a teammate kills the rebel then the entire team will receive rewards. The one who killed the rebel will receive the proper rewards while their teammates will receive half as much. If you or a teammate becomes the rebel then the team is automatically locked, if you die you will not be able to join back unless you have a second life which will let you be on the same team as the rebel again.

You can lock your group so that no one can join it but whoever’s on your team at the time of the locking. Anyone can lock/unlock a group by clicking the button at the lower right corner of the screen or by pressing F9 or L on your keyboard whenever you play.

Little Big Snake Rebel

To become a rebel in LittleBigSnake, you have to be the #1 player in the server. Get over 100k mass, and Rudolph XIV (The Snake King) will put a bounty on you. The person who slays the rebel will receive a reward, whether it’s VIP or coins/gems/skins. The rebel will get a reward too. If you become the rebel, you remain it until you die, even if other players surpass you in mass.

Additionally, there is no reward for becoming the rebel, only a reward for killing the rebel. There is only ever one rebel at a time, and you cannot join a friend’s game if they or any other player in their group is a rebel. Rebels will not be a rebel immediately on respawn (continuing the game, not starting a new one), but can become a rebel again.

A sneaky tactic if your the rebel is to make a circle around hijira bushes so that if anyone tries to circle you, they will get squished between you and the bushes. You can do this with rocks too.

Note by a famous snake (Fuzzie Master): I have been rebel a few times. Here’s what I have to say:

Those darn mountains killed me twice as a rebel.

Little Big Snake Autopilot

Autopilot can be activated by pressing ‘ A ‘ on your keyboard. It is available on the mobile version, but is automatically activated if you are inactive for more than 3 seconds. Autopilot (for the most part) will keep you from getting killed for a short amount of time. Bots also use the same script as autopilot.

Little Big Snake Juja Game

The Juja Game is a bonus game that can be played after dying as a snake to get bonus points. The goal of the game is to collect 2000 nectar, which can be done by collecting nectar itself, squishing slugs, knocking enemy jujas out of the air, eating bonuses, or taking crowns.

Little Big Snake Game Mechanics

While playing as juja, you can eat nectar. Bigger nectars make you win faster, as you can only absorb 2000 nectars. You can eat slugs for bigger points.

Juja travels a lot slower than snakes, and snakes can eat you. Click on the screen to fly. When flying, snakes can’t eat you, but you can’t eat nectar. You can also accelerate. You are moving way faster than snakes if you fly. You can also go above rocks. The main thing is to avoid snakes.

If you get squashed under a bubble, you will not be able to move until you click the screen a lot of times. During this time snakes can eat you and you can’t avoid it. Same thing goes for when on fly mode, you get hit midair by another juja. (If you are flying and see another juja, accelerate and bump into them. This will give you bonus nectar and they will fall to the ground upside down.)

Little Big Snake Rankings

Rankings help determine your skill in the game and your activity. It’s a worldwide leader board that your top ten scores from the last fourteen days or two weeks determine. To increase your ranking you will need good Scores. To go up in title you need to increase your rankings by the amount given in the ‘To title _____:’ by getting higher ratings.

Little Big Snake Ranks

From highest to lowest the ranks are:

  • Prince [Rank 1 – 1,000]
  • Duke [Rank 1,001 – 5,000]
  • Marquis [Rank 5,001 – 15,000]
  • Viscount [Rank 15,001 – 30,000]
  • Baron [Rank 30,001 – 50,000]
  • Noble [Rank 50,001 – 80,000]

Titles for Recruit and below are determined by rating, not by ranking

  • Recruit [Rank 80,001 – Rating 99 999]
  • Stalker [Rating 99,999 to 30,000]
  • Seeker [Rating 29,999 to 10,000]
  • Newbie [Rating 9,999 to 1]
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Little Big Snake Tips & Tricks

Play The Tutorial has a short tutorial that gives you all the information you need to start playing. Thankfully, it doesn’t last very long, and after 3 levels of collecting Nectar, eating Bugs and learning how to beat other Snakes, you’ll be free to go on your own. Plus, you’ll gain a few levels and keys and open several Chests to get other Skins. All in all, a worthy exercise.

Plan Your Evolution Wisely

Gold is a limited resource in the game, and it can only be collected when you level up and open Chests. Gold is also the only way you can evolve or pick abilities in the Evolution section, so make sure to spend it wisely. Tailor your skill leveling according to your play-style and preference. Don’t just use your gold on upgrades you may not use later, i.e., leveling your Temple of Entomophagy when you can level your Temple of Metabolism. You can hold off buying abilities to reach ones that require higher levels, i.e., waiting for level 9 to acquire the Great Magnet, etc.

Earn More Keys And Rubies By Watching Ads

You can watch ads after every stage and at the top of the map to earn Keys, Rubies and other goodies. Each ad should only take no more than a minute; make sure to complete the video until the end so you can get the reward. In addition, you can go to the Shop, located at the lower left part to get Coins, Rubies, Cards and VIP Bonuses such as extra lives and extra Keys, among others.


Strangling is when a player surrounds another with their body and makes the center of the circle smaller and smaller till the one in the middle dies.

Note that strangling is canon. If you hover over the ‘Strategist’ achievement, it will say “Surround and strangle” a number of enemy snakes. For example, it may say “Surround and strangle 50 enemies”.


The most used tactic, it’s used by snakes of all sizes and can be used against any player.


You will be able to consume all mass and crowns without worry for other enemy players stealing it.


Strangling leaves a player open for other players to strangle them, so a modified version of the strangling tactic would be when someone does an “8” or a sideways one. The trapped player is in one side and the other increases the distance enemies will have to surround in order to trap them. It’s also useful to extend the snake’s body into a river so that the player gets a speed boost if the trapped player is inland.


  1. If an enemy player is heading towards you, it is very likely they are going to strangle you in kind. Should this happen, there are two primary ways to prevent becoming trapped depending on the battlefield.
  2. Water involved-When your opponent is coming around to close the circle markedly fast. It takes a bit of practice, but timed right you can jut out just as they are about to encircle you and cut them off. This in itself is a tactic known as baiting, and newer players greedy for mass will fall for it often when its done intentionally.
  3. On land-Your opponent moves much slower, but so do you. The wisest course of action is to move in a straight line directly towards their tail. This both makes it harder, if not impossible for them to circle you as well is prevents them from making your head crash into their body. You will more than likely have to ditch the prey you were circling. If they continue to pursue you, your best bet is to make it to water as soon as possible and go from there with your counter-attack of choice.

Little Big Snake Image

Little Big Snake Walkthrough Video

About Little Big Snake

Screen Orientation Landscape
Controls Move your mouse to control the snake or flying beetle movement - Left click to boost speed or make the flying beetle ascend
Developer Neodinamika Inc.
Platform Webbrowser, iOS and Android
Release Date September 13th 2019
Genre Arcade, Classic, Snake
Engine WebGL
Mode Multiplayer
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