Previous Post 2 2 Description 2 is a mobile game by VOODOO. In the game, players control a rectangular block. The objective is to occupy the most territory on the game board.

In the game, there is a game board of a fixed size. Players control their block by swiping in the direction which they want the block to move in. Blocks can move in directions parallel to the borders of the game board. A lighter colored tail can be seen when blocks leave the territory which they occupy. By controlling their tail to enclose an area and linking it back to the territory they have already conquered, players can increase their territory.

Players compete with 12 artificial intelligence characters and cannot play with other real people, so the game does not require Internet connection. A block can be defeated if another block’s head crosses its tail. When a block is defeated, the block and the territory which it has conquered disappear. Blocks can also be defeated by themselves if they cross their own tail or bump into the borders of the game board. 2 Cheats, Tips, Tricks

If you love mobile gaming and you were a huge fan of Voodoo’s popular title, then you will absolutely love the sequel called 2. Available for Android and iOS devices, 2 is about using your colour to conquer as much of the board as you can before you die. While in players had to move in a square direction, this time you will move in all directions. The board itself is round. Though getting a high score is tough, it is not impossible to achieve.

And we hope that our 2 guide, that comes with a couple of useful tips and tricks, will help you reach the coveted 100% percentage. So keep on reading and check out our list of 2 cheats, tips and tricks below!

1. Learn How To Conquer Space

Kill your opponents and stay alive in 2

If you want to conquer space on the board you need to move into the neutral land and then go back to your colour, closing the shape. Once you do so, that space is added to your territory and will remain yours until another player takes over your land or you get killed. It is extremely important to go back to your colour before an opponent cuts your line. If he cuts it, you’re out.

2. Conquer New Lands Strategically

Look for formations that allow quick grabs in 2

If you learn how to conquer new land quickly and safely, your road to 100% score will be smoother than you think. A good strategy would be to look for formations –such as peninsulas – that allow you to make rapid, safe, and large territory grabs. Sometimes you will get to see players die not because an opponent cuts them, but because they cut themselves. Be careful not to make the same mistake.

3. Protect Your Territory

Play smart and knock your opponents off the board in 2

This is the best strategy you can use against other players to protect your territory: catch them off-guard when they are out of their territory and snip their transparent line. This way you will completely knock them off the board. If another player does this to you, you can get an extra life by watching a video ad. You will get back into the game and you will maintain the same percentage score and territory shape.

4. Play Aggressively

Don’t avoid your opponents in 2

If you play aggressively and go for the kill whenever you can, you have high chances of reaching the 100% score. Don’t avoid your opponents and try to kill them all. For each opponent you cut, the playfield shrinks by one. So go for them!

5. Lure Your Opponents Into Your Territory

Get easy kills in 2

If you are in neutral territory and you crash headfirst into an opponent, you both die unless you manage to get back into your land within one square of the place where you got hit. What many players don’t know is that if you are inside of your territory and you crash headfirst into an opponent, only your opponent will die. So play smart and gain easy kills by luring your opponents into your territory.

We hope that you will find our 2 cheats, tips and tricks useful and that you will reach the sought-after 100% score! Have fun and make sure to share with us your 2 experience.

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About 2

Screen Orientation Landscape
Controls Mouse or Touchscreen
Developer VOODOO
Platform Web Browser - Android - IOS
Release Date March 2019
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