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Shell Shockers (

Shell Shockers ( Description

Shell Shockers is an online browser-based FPS game in which players are given cartoonish weapons and pitted against each other, with a twist — everyone plays as an egg. There are six unique weapons classes, each with its own gun. Players can battle it out in three game modes on many different maps, all with different sizes and terrain.

Shell Shockers is an online, first-person shooter game developed in early August 2017. Players control Eggs that move around one of nine Maps, with the objective being to go up the leaderboard killing each other, in Teams, Captula the Spatula (a form of capture the flag ), or by themselves (Free For All). The four unique weapon load outs, Eggsploder, Free Ranger, Scrambler, and Soldier, each have their own advantages and disadvantages, along with a completely different playing style. Getting kills gives the player in-game Currency in the form of Golden Eggs. These can be used to purchase a wide variety of Cosmetics, ranging from weapon skins to hats.

Shell Shockers Controls

The controls of Shell Shockers game are listed to the right. Change one to your preference by clicking on the brown box and pressing the new, desired button for that control. Best results come from having Grenade changed to F, and Aim changed to Mouse 2 (right click), as they would be independent of W, S, A, and D.

Shell Shockers Guidelines

  • Stick to a Weapon and learn how to use it.
  • Staying still improves accuracy.
  • Never stay still in one place for too long.
  • Try not to be out in the open.
  • Play to keep alive, not for the kill.
  • Depending on the weapon and matchup, keep your distance/close it.
  • Every matchup is winnable with the right amount of skill.
  • Grenades can be used to save yourself when multiple enemies are on to you.
  • Use Pistol when primary Weapon is out of ammo or unusable in the situation (never underestimate it)
  • When moving/close range fighting, jump around to decrease the chance of getting shot.

Rules of A Shell Shockers League Scrim.

If you think you’re really good at Shell Shockers, you can join a Shell League team. But you need to know the rules, here are the rules.

Basic rules:

– 4v4 or 3v3 (depending on the amount of players available on each team)

– RPEGG is BANNED unless 4v4

– Once you are eliminated stay dead for the round no respawns or despawns once round starts (if you despawn you are considered dead, no exceptions)

– Switch teams and sides after round ends – Best of 7 rounds (first to 4 rounds)

– All games played on Castle – Players start the round after the word “go” is typed ex: (3, 2, 1, GO) – Shooting before GO will be a redo –

You must have your clan tag in your name, and your name must be there. –

Only 1 substitute per game, swapping players out before round 1 starts is NOT considered subbing.

– All guns, stamps, and hats are allowed.

– Cheating will be met with a full season ban for the player found guilty and a redo (if match is affected) for the match

– You ARE allowed to change weapons between rounds but NOT during a round/ when a round has started

Team Eligibility Rules:

A team may have no fewer than six members and cannot exceed twenty members in their roster.

A player cannot sustain membership on two teams at the same time, so be loyal.

A team must only have one leader at any given time. A team may only have one co leader at any given time.

The team leader of any given team may only transition once a season; limit does not apply to scenarios where team leadership is transferred due to the team leader leaving the team.

In order to be eligible to play for a team, the player must have that team role prior to the match in Shell Shockers.

Primary Weapons

The primary weapon that you use during a game of Shell Shockers is the weapon based on your class.

  • Free Ranger
    • CSG-1
  • Soldier
    • EggK-47
  • Scrambler
    • Dozen Gauge
  • Eggsploder
    • RPEGG
  • Whipper
    • SMEGG
  • Crackshot
    • M2DZ

Secondary Weapons

Currently, there is only one secondary weapon for all classes.

  • Cluck 9mm


  • Egg Cartons
  • Grenades

Character Customization

  • Chest Decorations
  • Hats
  • Weapon skins
  • Shell colors. All seven shell colors are free, with the exception of the other seven shell colors that can be unlocked by purchasing a Golden Chicken. If you purchase a Golden Chicken (for only $9.99!), you get twice the number of shell color options that you usually have (14 shell colors in total), for a period of thirty days.

On the main screen, you are able to view your game stats, which include Kills, Deaths, KDR (Kill-to-death ratio), and Streak.

Shell Shockers Game Modes

  • FFA (Free-For-All)
  • Teams
  • Captula the Spatula

See the Tactics page for strategies and advice for each of these game modes.

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Shell Shockers ( Tips & Tricks

Shell Shockers Frequently Asked Questions

Are you aware of this bug?

Probably. Here are some known issues we’re currently battling:

  • Sound is choppy or non-existant on some systems.
  • Some players have invisible shells. It’s a bug, NOT hackers, k?
  • Sometimes a difference in ping can mean people will appear to have the wrong weapon.
  • If you notice you are not getting Eggs for kills, please reload the page.

Shell Shockers Lag! What should I do?

If your shots are getting off really late in Shell Shockers, or you’re bouncing around all over the place, here are a few things you can try:

  • Close any other open tabs.
  • Pause or cancel any active downloads or streams on your network. Turn off that cat video!
  • Close any file-sharing applications.
  • Close apps that download in the background (Steam, etc.)
  • Try a different server closer to your location.
  • Restart your router.
  • If you’re on WiFi, try a wired connection if you can.

Generally speaking, we like to see a ping of 100ms or less. You can see your ping in the upper-right corner of the game window as you play. You can get away with higher pings if they’re consistent. Lag spikes (when your ping momentarily shoots upward) will absolutely ruin your day, though, and there is unfortunately no way for the game to compensate for them.

My frame rate is low. Now what?

(Shell Shockers Frame rate is indicated by the FPS readout in the upper-right corner of the game window. 60 is best!)

  • Try closing other apps, browsers, and tabs
  • Open Settings and turn off Auto Detail, then un-check High Resolution and Shadows (if enabled)
  • If you’re running multiple displays, try moving your browser window to another one
  • Sometimes you may have accidentilly zoomed in. Try zooming out (CTLR & -) and see if it makes a difference.
  • Install the latest video drivers for your card. Here are some links for common brands:
    NVIDIA ATI Intel
  • If your GPU is on Chrome’s blacklist, it might be using a software renderer known as “SwiftShader”, which is terribly slow. Enter chrome://flags in your address bar, search for “Override software rendering list”, and enable it. CAUTION: The blacklist exists for a reason. This may make your system unstable. Make sure you save anything you’re working on before trying this!

If you’re running Chrome, try enabling Experimental Canvas Features:

  • Enter chrome://flags in the address bar.
  • Type “canvas” in the search box.
  • Find “Experimental Canvas Features” and enable it
  • Restart Chrome

This may make it better, or worse. Good luck with that.

Why can’t I fire?

Some systems have a problem with registering trackpad taps while in Pointer Lock. A full click of the pad, while annoying, I know, should do the trick. It’s an issue that’s currently being looked in to.

Why can’t I move and shoot at the same time?

Some systems have palm-cancelling software enabled by default, which prevents simultaneous keyboard and trackpad/mouse input. Check your system settings for palm cancelling/rejection and turn down the sensitivity or disable it altogether.

Are you going to add more (guns/maps/modes/etc)??


Eventually. Shell Shockers is currently being developed by a single individual, so it’s going to take a little time. Rest assured, however, the game is in active development, and when new features are ready, you’ll be the first to know!

Shell Shockers is blocked on my network. How do I play?

No problem! Try one of our proxy domains: and get back to cracking some eggs. No fear if it’s blocked too – The full list can be found on our Discord Server

How do I enable WebGL?

That depends on your browser! Shell Shockers requires WebGL, so if you can play the game already, it’s enabled, and you don’t have to worry about this! Otherwise, follow the directions for your browser below. If your browser version is older than the one listed, download the latest! You’ll thank me later.

Chrome 84+

Step 1 – Enable hardware acceleration

  • Enter chrome://settings in the address bar
  • Open the Advanced settings (probably at the bottom)
  • In the System section, make sure that “Use hardware acceleration when available” is checked. If not, you’ll have to restart Chrome after you change it.

Step 2 – Enable WebGL

  • Enter chrome://flags in the address bar
  • Search for WebGL and set both options to “Enabled”. Again, you’ll have to restart Chrome once you’ve done so.

Firefox 73+

  • Enter about:config in the address bar
  • Search for webgl.disabled and make sure it’s set to false

Changes take effect immediately.

Safari 13.0.1+

  • Select Safari->Preferences from the menu bar
  • Select the Advanced tab
  • Make sure that the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox is checked
  • In the Develop menu, select Experimental Features and make sure that WebGL 2.0 is checked

Edge 84+

Should be enabled by default. If not, you probably need to update your graphics driver!

Internet Explorer

Sorry, Shell Shockers doesn’t support IE, as it’s missing some key features.

WebSockets? Say what?

WebSockets allow for efficient communication that is vital for games of this type. Here’s a list of browsers that support it. If yours isn’t on the list, or is older than the version shown, you should download a new one!

Supported browsers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera

Shell Shockers System requirements

We’re still in the process of working this out, but here’s a rough idea:

  • A mouse (or trackpad; ew!) and keyboard. No official mobile support (yet!)
  • 2.0Ghz processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • A graphics accelerator that supports WebGL
  • A broadband connection
  • A WebGL and WebSocket-compatible browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Opera
    Internet Explorer is not supported!

Shell Shockers ( Image

Shell Shockers ( Walkthrough Video

About Shell Shockers (

Screen Orientation Landscape
Controls WASD = move - Left click = shoot - E = change weapon - Q = throw a grenade - R = reload - Space = jump - Shift = zoom and aim
Developer Blue Wizard Digital
Platform Web browser (Desktop)
Release Date September 2017
Genre Firts Person Shooter
Engine WebGL
Mode Multiplayer
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