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Super Mario Run Online

Super Mario Run Online Description

Super Mario Run Online is an automatic runner platformer game for mobile devices. In the game, Mario is constantly moving to the right and the player can make him jump by tapping the screen. The game features four modes: World Tour, the main game mode where players go through 6 different worlds to rescue Princess Peach; Kingdom Builder, where players can customize their own kingdom with different objects; Toad Rally, a battle mode where players can race against another player’s time; and Remix 10, where the player has to play through a series of 10 short courses multiple times as part of a quest to rescue Princess Daisy.

Nintendo markets the game as the first Super Mario title that can be played with one hand. This game was developed with the Unity game engine.

Super Mario Run Online was initially released exclusively on iOS in 150 territories on December 15, 2016, later released in South Korea on February 1, 2017, and then on Android devices, as well as 14 additional territories, on March 22, 2017. Super Mario Run Online is free-to-start, with the full game costing USD$9.99 (the price slightly varied in some countries). It is the second mobile application developed and published by Nintendo (following Miitomo), and the first Mario mobile game.

Super Mario Run Online Gameplay

Mario in the first stage of the gameSuper Mario Run Online, Up and Over.

Unlike previous installments in the series, Mario (or one of the other 10 playable characters) perpetually runs to the right without any player input. If the player taps on the screen, they will jump, which can be affected by standing on certain blocks. In addition, if the player taps on the screen while sliding against a wall, they perform a Wall Jump away from a wall. The player automatically vaults over certain obstacles and small enemies, such as Pipes and Goombas, without taking damage.

Normally, players are able to take only one hit before either being sent into a bubble, which they can then pop by tapping the screen (in World Tour and Toad Rally), or dying (in Remix 10 and World Tour if the player has ran out of bubbles). Instead of a traditional lives system, the player can continue playing a level as long as they have any bubbles remaining. The player starts with 2 bubbles at the start of each level in Super Mario Run Online, though more can be obtained by hitting certain ?

Blocks. In addition, the player can prematurely use a bubble by tapping the icon on the top-left of the screen, allowing them attempt to collect any collectables they missed earlier in the level without having to restart the level entirely.

However, if the player obtains a Super Mushroom, their character grows and can take two hits instead of one, outside of certain obstacles that instantly kill the player. Before the 3.0.4 update, only Mario and Luigi has the ability to take multiple hits, with all other characters instead obtaining 5 coins upon touching a Super Mushroom. In addition, players can obtain a Super Star from certain ? Blocks, as well as from Lakitu in certain situations in Super Mario Run Online. While the effects last, players with a Super Star can automatically defeat most enemies simply by touching them and are immune to most obstacles.

Each level also has a timer, usually starting with 60 to 90 seconds. If the timer counts down to 0, the player will die, regardless of the number of bubbles they have left. However, many levels have Time Blocks that will grant the player more time when hit. The player’s bubble count and time do not carry over between stages or runs of the same stage.

While playing Super Mario Run Online, players are also able to listen to their own music on their device through iTunes or Google Play. While doing so, the playable character wear oversized headphones (known as Headphone Mario) and have music beats emanate from the headphones. This feature can be activated at any time through a Toad wearing headphones in Kingdom Builder or on the pause screen.

Super Mario Run Online Game modes

World Tour

World Tour is the main gameplay mode of Super Mario Run Online, where players are tasked with completing 24 different levels in order to rescue Princess Peach, who has invited Mario for cake from Bowser after he has destroyed her castle. Each level has the player run through a series of challenges, usually centered around a certain enemy or mechanic, in order to reach the flagpole at the end of the level.

In Castle and Airship levels, instead of a flagpole, the player will have to fight a boss, either Boom Boom (in Airship levels) or Bowser (in Castle levels). Upon completing the first 24 levels, World Star is unlocked, containing 9 levels which can only be unlocked by completing certain objectives. In addition, 4 additional levels can be accessed through special pipes in the Kingdom Builder mode.

In every level, five Pink Coins may be found among regular coins and within Brick Blocks. If all five Pink Coins are collected in a single run, Purple Coins are unlocked within the level, which function identically to Pink Coins, but are put in more challenging locations. If all five Purple Coins coins are again collected, Black Coins are added to the level, with different locations to the previous 2 sets of color coins. Levels might have slight modifications made to them depending on which color of coins are available to collect.

If the player collects all of the Pink, Purple, or Black Coins within each of the first 24 levels, they will unlock a corresponding colored pipe for Kingdom Builder mode, allowing them to access 1 of 3 bonus levels. In addition, if all of the Black Coins are collected in each of the 9 levels in World Star, the Gold Star Pipe will be unlocked, allowing access to a 4th special level.

Worlds 2 through 6, as well as World Star, can only be accessed by paying to unlock the full game. Only the first three levels of the game, as well as the first 30 seconds of the fourth level can be accessed for free. However, starting with version 2.0.0, by completing Bowser’s Challenges, players are given an additional 60 seconds on the timer for Bowser’s Castle Hangout, allowing them to complete the entire level.

In the version 2.0.0 update, an Easy Mode was added, giving an infinite amount of bubbles and time. However, after finishing a level, the player does not keep any Coins collected and the personal high coin count is not recorded. The 24th level, special levels and World Star levels cannot be played on Easy Mode.

Super Mario Run Online Tips and Tricks

Super Mario Run Online World Tour

1. Right Jump at the Right Time

Leave it to Nintendo to make a game you can only play with one finger complex and interesting. While all you can do is tap on the screen to jump, the sheer number of different ways you can that means there are lots of different moves for you.

Tapping and holding leads to a higher jump. Tapping and holding and tapping again makes you spin. Tapping and holding and swiping to the left takes you back a bit.

It’s important that you use the right jump at the right time. It’s good to anticipate your next move. But don’t worry if you can’t get everything at the first try. It’s clear that Super Mario Run is designed to be payed again and again. And that’s the only way you’ll be able to score all the important coins at each level.

2. Do a Wall Reverse Jump

This is a really cool way to try and get coins you just missed. When you jump, try to collide with a wall or a brick head on. This will make Mario jump in the other direction. Perfect way to collect coins that are above or behind you.

3. Hit Multiple Blocks At The Same Time

If you time your jump just right, you’ll be able to hit right at the center of two block, giving you two power-ups instead of just one.

4. Play Again and Again To Cover All Grounds

Every level has different ways you can go about. Every level has different levels, if you will. To collect all coins, you should play the same level multiple times, making sure to take different paths all the time (remember which arrows you follow).

5. Always Find The Challenge Coins

The challenge coins – the ones in pink at the beginning are the extra special coins. They’ll get you more points. And getting these exclusive coins is how you’ll be able to boast about just how good you are at this game. Once the 5 pink coins are captured, they’ll be replaced by purple coins the next time. And then black the time after that.

6. Go Where The Arrows Point You

Whenever you come across an arrow, follow it. It will lead you to great things. An explosion of coins, a hidden pink coin and more.

7. Grab The Flag With a Mid Air Spin

As you might know, jumping to the very top of the pole and grabbing the flag isn’t easy. When you jump off, make sure it’s a long jump by tapping and holding the screen. At the end, tap on the screen to spin in the air – this means you’ll keep at the same level while moving forward instead of dropping down – increasing the chances of grabbing the flag.

8. Pause In The Air and Go Back

I discovered this accidentally but this can be a really useful move when deployed at the right moment. Tap and hold the screen to perform a high jump and then swipe left. This will hold you in the mid air and will actually throw you back a bit.

9. Use The Pause Brick Wisely

When you land on the red brick with the pause button on it, the game stops moving. This is a great moment to take stock of what’s going on and the decision you need to make going forward.

10. Use The Bubbles To Your Advantage

When you die, you’ll usually be resurrected thanks to the bubble power-up. It will take you back a few moments. Tap the bubble to release yourself at the right time and use this chance to perform better at the next try.

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Super Mario Run Online Tips & Tricks

10. Use the “midair spin”

The most important move that Super Mario Run Online doesn’t tell you about is the “midair spin,” or helicopter jump. When you’re mid-jump you can tap the screen again to spin and gain just a tiny bit of extra air, which is often exactly what you need to reach a high-up coin or area, avoid a pesky enemy or grab that extra coin or two.

9. Don’t always jump

Super Mario Run Online is the jazz of mobile runner games: sometimes it’s about the jumps you don’t jump. If you keep missing coins or falling into gaps and losing progress, try not jumping where you otherwise would and more paths will open up to you.

8. Use red “pause” blocks

The red blocks on the ground in each level pause the timer and stop Mario in his tracks. Sometimes you want to avoid these by jumping over them to maintain momentum, but at other times you can use them to your advantage. In early levels they often let you stop just before the path splits so you can catch a glimpse of what’s ahead, while later levels let you use them to adjust your timing and avoid obstacles or hit moving platforms in just the right spot. Whether you choose to take your time or pass right by, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out when you see one.

7. Bubble up

When Mario gets hit by an enemy or falls down a gap he floats backward in a bubble until you tap the screen to drop him back on land. Getting hurt generally isn’t a good thing, but sometimes it can be a boon, since you can use the bubble to your advantage: At any point in a level tap the bubble icon near the top of the screen to float backward and replay parts of the level without having to reset completely, correcting your path or grabbing coins you missed the first time. It feels like cheating, but it’s not.

6. If you’re stuck, keep going

If you’re beating your head against a level trying to find a rare purple or black coin and you feel stuck, try something else. Super Mario Run Online’s levels are dense and well-designed; progressing through the levels or replaying an older one might reveal something new about the level you’re stuck on if you pay attention.

5. Unlock more characters

You can unlock several extra characters to use in Super Mario Run Online, some of whom even have extra abilities (like Luigi’s higher jump or Yoshi’s flutter jump). The easiest to unlock is Toad; all you have to do is link your My Nintendo account within the app, then redeem the character from the game’s My Nintendo menu. Other characters will be unlocked as you play Toad Rally and build up your Mushroom Kingdom. Switch characters by tapping the character portrait icon in the bottom right after you select a level.

4. Redeem mission rewards

Super Mario Run Online’s interface can be a muddled, making it hard to navigate when you’re not actually in a level. The game will occasionally show pop-ups saying you’ve accomplished certain objectives, but it never tells you where to redeem your rewards. Thankfully it’s easy once you know: Hit the “My Nintendo” button on the main menu, then the “Missions” tab along the top. You’re welcome.

3. Hammer the Thwomps

As you progress through Super Mario Run Online’s levels you’ll be given “hammers” but never told what to do with them. As it turns out, the hammers are a building tool, which you can use to remove the large stone Thwomp enemies crowding your Mushroom Kingdom. To use them, open the Build menu and tap the hammer icon in the bottom right.

2. Expand the Mushroom Kingdom

The Mushroom Kingdom starts out small, but it’s actually possible to expand your Toad empire. Once you have enough red, green and blue Toads from progressing through the levels and winning in Toad Rally, you can use coins to buy the “Rainbow Bridge” item in the special section of the Build menu shop. These add screens to your Mushroom Kingdom, creating room for expansion.

1. When in doubt, there is a tips page

Perhaps most incredibly of all, there’s actually a tips page with Super Mario Run Online itself. It’s totally buried and never mentioned, so many players will likely miss it completely. But if you tap the menu button in the bottom left, then enter your “notebook,” there’s a section called “tips and tricks” that has several useful hints that the game won’t otherwise tell you.

Super Mario Run Online does a bad job communicating with players, but underneath its layers of obfuscation there is a really fun Nintendo game that’s totally worth getting into. Happy jumping!

Super Mario Run Online Image

Super Mario Run Online Walkthrough Video

About Super Mario Run Online

Screen Orientation Landscape
Controls Left click to jump and click twice for a double jump. Hold left click to float in the air. And for Mobile Tab your screen.
Developer Nintendo EPD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform iOS, Android
Release Date iOS: December 15, 2016 / Android: March 22, 2017
Genre Platformer
Engine Html5
Mode Singleplayer
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