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Worms Zone

Worms Zone Description

Worms Zone is online game with dynamic storyline and funny graphics. Start grow your worm right now. While trying to get the real anaconda, the small worm never stucks in one place – he is ready to bite everyone. However, there is a danger to be eaten by the more successful player.

Try to grow your own snake in the game while using browser, application for a tablet, smartphone or computer. We’ve done everything to provide a stable functioning of the game Worms.Zone for any device iOS / Android, Apple TV / Android TV, macOS, Linux and Windows.

Feed the Worm with yummies

The Worms are real gourmets. They love trying various gelatinous goodies and everything they meet on their pass.
There are so much yummies around, that it seems the Worm lives in a box full of gelatin candies. Therefore, the agile Worm grows much faster than in other relative games. So, to get to the leaderboard is possible in the first minutes of playing.

Amazing outfits for the Worm

Even unsigned players could change outfits for the Worm for free. In order to get an opportunity to alert it, just share the game with friends. There are provided more than 50 outfits.

Magical tools

Would you like to take part in the battle for survival on a par with Giant Worms? Then gather magical tools scattered around the whole zone with gelatin yummies. There is no harmful food in the game – everything is edible. Here is the list of Magical Yummies:

  • green one makes the pet faster in 2 times;
  • blue one can attract food in a distance;
  • yellow one improves the visibility;

Warning: the term of acting is limited (10-30 seconds), therefore use gained bonuses without a second thoughts. So you will certainly get to the top of the best worms.

Competition with friends

Do you spend time well? Did you manage to achieve the highest score? Share your results with your friends in social network. After you’ve finished the game, you can press the button “share” for Facebook, Twitter or VK or just go on playing next.

Cute Worms will never let you get bored, they will cheer you up in your way, during the work break or long evening. In Worms.Zone you’ll enjoy with colorful design, plenty of yummies and serious battle for the first place with the best players all over the world.

Start the browser game Worms.Zone and make your pet the longest, the strongest and the fastest. It’s completely free and extremely fun.

Easy to Play with Keyboard Control

Worms Zone is an attractive worm game, which is suitable for all ages. Even though you are a new beginner, it is fairly easy for you to master the rules of this game. You can use a mouse to control your worm on your PC, and the more convenient way is moving your worm by keyboard with LDPlayer. Finding the keymapping feature on the toolbar of LDPlayer, and then dragging the “move control” icon to the game page, you can tap “W, A, S, D” to control your worm.

During the game, your worm will grow longer through eating the food within an enormous area. With the growth of your worm, you can make a chance to kill other worms to get points. Also, you are supposed to concentrate your energy to move your worm to evade those bigger worms because they will kill your worm easily. But you can watch a video or spend coins to revive your worm if your worm is killed. The other thing you should notice is that you do not make your worm hit the walls.

The worms always have an insatiable appetite. As long as your worm is not killed, it has endless food to eat. However, the worm will grow big enough so that the screen cannot fit it. Additionally, the worm will obtain some bonuses as extra supplies, like coins or special potions. In this game, your goal is to become the top player on the arena.

The Flaws in Worms Zone

However, Worms Zone actually can be improved in some aspects. In the Worms Zone, you have to watch advertising videos if you want to continue or restart this game, which may waste you a few minutes. In addition, there is no “pause” button if you want to do other things, and you should be out of play, and then have to start all over again. The game cannot be continued anytime like other games.


Various power-ups are scattered on the gaming arena, which temporarily change the characteristics of your worm.

All power-ups are unique and each has its own time of action. The list of active power-ups is at the top of the screen.

Increases the capture radius of everything that can be found in the arena.
Increases the amount of food eaten by 5 times, allows your worm to grow faster.
Shows on the radar the places where the worms collided.
Increases the speed of your worm. Your worm moves faster.
Increases the maneuverability of the worm, which avoids collisions.
Zoom in allows you to see farther than usual.

Download Worms Zone and play for free

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Worms Zone Image

Worms Zone Walkthrough Video

About Worms Zone

Screen Orientation Portrait
Controls Use left or right mouse button to speed up.
Developer Wild Spike
Publisher Wild Spike
Platform Web browser (desktop and mobile) IOS, Android, Facebook
Release Date July 2018
Genre IO, Arcade, Classic, Snake
Engine WebGL
Mode Multiplayer, Singleplayer
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