Fortnite Yond3r Jaywalking Description

Y0ND3R is an Epic Outfit with in Battle Royale that could be obtained as a reward from Tier 47 of Battle Pass Season 10.

Cosmetic Overview

Y0ND3R is the spin off verison of DJ Yonder with more fancy edit styles and a reactive feature silmilar to Marshmello.


The Season X Battle Pass is made up of 7 Outfits. These Outfits are remixed versions from old Battle Passes. Y0ND3R is the remixed version of DJ Yonder from Fortnite Season 6.

Fortnite Yond3r Jaywalking Selectable Styles

Two different styles, three diffrent headgears and four clothing color variations for Y0ND3R may be unlocked by completing the Level-Headed Challenges, Prestige Missions and Season 10 Overtime Challenges:

Y0ND3R Challenges

Y0ND3R Challenges were an exclusive Season X/10 set of challenge for Battle Pass holders. Unlike the Omega and Carbide challenges, the Y0ND3R Challenges can be completed even after the season end. The rewards for the challenges consists of a wrap, a glider, a contrail, a harvesting tool and multiple style options for Y0ND3R.

There are ten challenges in the set, each with their own rewards which can be seen below.
Challenge: Reward:
Reach Battle Pass Tier 35 EQ Wrap
Reach Battle Pass Tier 39 Master Mix Glider
Reach Battle Pass Tier 43 Beat Drop Contrail
Reach Battle Pass Tier 47 Yond3r Outfit
Reach Battle Pass Tier 54 Yond3r (Unmasked)
Reach Battle Pas Tier 99 Yond3r (Crown)
Reach Season Level 40 Yond3r (Flair)
Reach Season Level 40 Yond3r (Spectrum)
Complete Upcoming Mission Sc3pt3r Harvesting Tool
Complete Upcoming Prestige Challenge Yond3r (Formal White)
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