Harley Quinn Hammer Animation Description

Harley Quinn Hammer is arguably one of the most fascinating characters in comics. Created exclusively for Batman: The Animated Series in the ’90s as a female companion for the Joker, Quinn proved wildly popular and leapt from screen to page, a transition that hardly ever happened at the time. The relationship between Quinn and the Joker was shockingly abusive for a kids show, but it was cartoonish, Loony Tunes-esque stuff, and clearly acknowledged as a toxic relationship.

That self-awareness was lost in Quinn’s 2011 reboot. (Which in turn was an extension of how the character appeared in the 2009 video game Batman: Arkham Asylum.) Quinn is hopelessly obsessed with her abusive lover, murderous at the thought of things not working out between them. It wallows in her affliction instead of examining it, and misses the mark on everything that makes Harley Quinn Hammer interesting.

Creators have been trying to walk that back since 2013, when Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti launched a new Harley Quinn Hammer series for DC, establishing her as an unhinged but well-intentioned antihero separate from the Joker. Quinn’s popularity has skyrocketed since then—the latest graphic novel collecting her eponymous comic book series was a top ten seller last month and she’s only become more of an independent character, veering further and further away from the orbits of Batman and Joker and even landing a miniseries where she gets her own weird superteam.

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The multiverse would be a much less lively place without the hijinks and shenanigans of the former Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the one and only Clown Princess of Crime.

Sometimes love can make people do crazy things. Other times? It drives them completely insane. Such is the case with Harley Quinn Hammer, formerly Dr. Harleen Quinzel. A promising psychologist and intern at Arkham Asylum in Gotham City, Harleen was given the chance to get up close and personal with the Joker, an experience that wound up ending…badly. Harleen became obsessed with her subject, and after falling madly in love with the Clown Prince of Crime, she helped him escape the asylum.

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