Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Gif Description

Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Gif: Hanzo Hasashi, (橋 半蔵) better known as Scorpion (全蠍人, “Full Scorpion Man”), is a resurrected ninja in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series as well as the mascot of the games. He is one of the very few original characters debuting in the first Mortal Kombat arcade game. He holds the distinction, along with Raiden and Sub-Zero (in one form or another), of appearing in every generation of Mortal Kombat games as a playable character.

Throughout the series, Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Gif has been an occasional misguided antagonist, usually wrongfully following the side of evil but has recently been a supporting character following the restoration to his Human form.

About Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Gif

It is known that his father, a former member of the Shirai Ryu, forbade his son from joining the clan, as he did not wish for his son to live the life of an assassin. However, Hanzo joined in spite of his father’s wishes in order to provide his wife and son with a comfortable life.

Now Scorpion is a hell-spawned spectre, inexorably seeking vengeance against those responsible for the destruction of his clan and the death of his own family. Despite his malevolent appearance, he is not inherently evil. He joins the forces of evil when promised a means of resurrecting his clan on Earth, or the chance to inflict his wrath against those who butchered them. Scorpion has also (indirectly) assisted the game’s protagonists to fulfill these motives.

Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Gif is perceived by fans as the title’s foremost anti-hero. He undertakes actions that benefit the forces of good, albeit in his own gruesome and vigilante manner. His attitude, appearance and self-reliance have all contributed to his popularity. Compared to the purely virtuous “good guys”, and the diabolically evil “bad guys”, Scorpion’s moral neutrality is unique. Although he is featured alongside the forces of evil in the opening scene of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, he remains neutral because of his fierce hatred of Quan Chi.

Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Gif appears human when masked, though this is merely an illusion. Only his skull remains when in his true form, sometimes ablaze. However, he can fully regain his human appearance if he conquers his own demons. Scorpion’s most popular and recognized skill is his famous spear attack, which is used to draw an opponent toward him. This attack will also stun the opponent for a short amount of time. Scorpion will shout, “Get over here!” or “Come here!”, while executing this technique.

Although Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Gif is often strict and wrathful, at times he shows a caring side and is very honorable. In the original timeline, when he discovers the Sub-Zero in the second tournament isn’t Bi-Han and in fact his more merciful brother, Scorpion vows to protect Kuai Liang instead for killing his kin. In the second timeline, Scorpion truly intended to spare the first Sub-Zero in exchange for the resurrection of his clan, but Quan Chi prevented this.

Most notably, in the Mortal Kombat X comic series, it’s shown he took in victims and survivors of the Netherrealm War into his iteration of the Shirai Ryu to now protect Earthrealm while also raising Takeda Takahashi. During this time, he treated Takeda like his own son, such as when he comforts Takeda after Fox’s death.

Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Gif Brutalities

Mortal Kombat 11

  • The Klassic: Scorpion performs an uppercut, decapitating the opponent with their spine still attached. This Brutality is shared will every character. (MK11)
    • Must not block an attack for the entirety of the final round.
    • A button must be held.
    • Will not trigger on Krushing Blow, if it has not been activated during the match.
  • Spine Ripper: Scorpion performs his Throw (Backward), only this time, he breaks the opponent’s leg with the initial kick but then pulls up on their shoulder, breaking it as well, then grabs their upper body and pulls with so much force that their spine pops out of their back from the force. (MK11)
    • Requires a number of Throws to connect during the match.
  • Crispy: Scorpion performs a Demon Breath that reduces the opponent to a charred skeleton that eventually collapses into a pile in front of Scorpion. His head remains a flaming skull as he performs his Brutality Victory Pose, similar to his Toasty! Fatality. (MK11)
    • A button must be held.
  • Stinger: Scorpion performs a Demon Slam and, after stabbing the opponent, he slashes the back of their neck then decapitates the downed opponent with his katana. (MK11)
    • A button must be held.
    • Will not trigger on Krushing Blow, if it has not been activated during the match.
  • Clean Cut: Scorpion performs a Rising Cut where the second slice bisects the opponent from the head down. (MK11)
    • Requires Scorpion to be at a certain health level.
    • A button must be held.
  • Beheaded: While Burning Spear is active, Scorpion performs an amplified Spear where the elbow strike to the face decapitates the opponent with their spine still attached. (MK11)
    • Burning Spear must be active.
    • Will not trigger on Krushing Blow, if it has not been activated during the match.
  • Soul Burn: Scorpion performs a Demon Dash, incinerating the flesh off the opponent’s body leaving them a charred corpse. (MK11)
    • Scorpion must perform a Mercy during the match.
    • Requires the maximum range of the attack to be performed.
  • Demon’s Blood: Scorpion performs his Wrath combo, only this time, he wraps the chain of his spear around the opponent’s neck and one of their arms, then pulls on it, decapitating the opponent and severing their arm in the process. (MK11)
    • Requires Scorpion to be at a certain health level.
    • A button must be held.
  • Save Me A Slice: Scorpion performs an amplified Hell Port, only this time his katana strike cuts the opponent diagonally in half from the shoulder to the waist. (MK11)
    • Requires Scorpion to be at a certain health level.
    • A button must be held.
  • Alternate Crispy Brutality: Scorpion performs his Crispy Brutality, only this time, Dan Forden’s Toasty! will be heard at the end. (MK11 – Secret)
  • Secret Spear Brutality: Scorpion performs his Spear, pulling out the opponent’s heart. (MK11 – Secret)
  • Secret Throw (Forward) Brutality: Scorpion performs Throw (Forward), cutting through a vertical hole in the opponent’s chest and stomach. (MK11 – Secret)
    • Will not trigger on Krushing Blow, if it has not been activated during the match.

Other finishers

  • Friendship #1: Scorpion Doll Sale: Scorpion whips out a Scorpion doll and text appears on the screen saying “Buy a Scorpion Doll.” (MKII)
  • Friendship #2: Skull-in-the-Box: Scorpion winds up a box which makes a giant skull pop out of it scaring off his opponent. (UMK3, MKT)
  • Friendship #3: Teddy-Ality: Scorpion brings out his kunai and pulls a giant teddy bear for him to hug. (MK11)
  • Animality: Atomic Egg: Scorpion turns into a penguin and lays an egg under the opponent, which explodes and takes the opponent with it. (UMK3, MKT)
  • Hara-Kiri: Neck Snap: Scorpion kneels on the ground, turns his head one direction, and twists his neck in the other direction, snapping it. (MK:D, MK:U)
  • Multality: Raise Hell: Scorpion raises his arms up to summon the fires of Hell as his opponents are burned in agony, who then explode shortly after. (MK:SM)
  • Brutality: Searing Blade: Scorpion envelopes himself in flames, and slices & dices nearby opponents and then cuts off their heads. (MK:SM)
  • Babality: Scorpion shouts (in a high pitched voice) “GET OVER HERE!” and uses the Spear, which causes him to fly with it before landing. He then cries and throws a tantrum. (MK 2011)
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