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Kong vs Giant Squid – Fight Scene – Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Kong vs Giant Squid – Fight Scene – Kong: Skull Island (2017) Description

Kong vs Giant Squid: Kong: Skull Island is a 2017 American monster film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. It is a reboot of the King Kong franchise, and serves as the second film in Legendary’s MonsterVerse. The film Kong vs Giant Squid stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Brie Larson, Jing Tian, Toby Kebbell, John Ortiz, Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, Shea Whigham, Thomas Mann, Terry Notary, and John C. Reilly. In the film, set in 1973, a team of scientists and Vietnam War soldiers travel to the uncharted Skull Island and encounter terrifying creatures before meeting the mighty Kong, a gigantic ape who is the last of his species.

The film was announced in July 2014 at San Diego Comic-Con and Vogt-Roberts was announced as the director in September 2014. The project originally began at Universal Pictures as an origin story but was later moved to Warner Bros. in order to develop a shared cinematic universe featuring Godzilla and Kong vs Giant Squid. Principal photography began in October 2015 in Hawaii and various locations around Vietnam and ended in March 2016.

Kong vs Giant Squid Kong: Skull Island was theatrically released on March 10, 2017 to positive reviews, with praise for its visual effects, action, and performances, particularly those of Jackson and Reilly. It was also a box office success, grossing $566 million worldwide. The film was nominated for Best Visual Effects at the 90th Academy Awards. A sequel, Godzilla vs. Kong, is scheduled to be released on May 21, 2021.

Kong vs Giant Squid Creature design

Director Vogt-Roberts stated that he wanted Kong vs Giant Squid to look simple and iconic enough that a third grader could draw him, and the image would still be recognizable. Vogt-Roberts also wanted Kong to feel like a “lonely god, he was a morose figure, lumbering around this island,” and took the design back to the 1933 incarnation, where Kong was presented as a “bipedal creature that walks in an upright position.” Vogt-Roberts additionally stated, “If anything, our Kong is meant to be a throwback to the ’33 version.

[Kong vs Giant Squid] was a movie monster, so we worked really hard to take some of the elements of the ’33 version, some of those exaggerated features, some of those cartoonish and iconic qualities, and then make them their own…We created something that to some degree served as a throwback to the inspiration for what started all of this, but then also [had] it be a fully unique and different creature that – I would like to think – is fully contained and identifiable as the 2017 version of King Kong. I think there are very modern elements to him, yet hopefully, he feels very timeless at the same time.”

Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke helped influence the design and approach of the monsters, Vogt-Roberts stated, “Miyazaki[‘s] Princess Mononoke was actually a big reference in the way that the spirit creatures sort of have their own domains and fit within that. So a big thing [was] trying to design creatures that felt realistic and could exist in an ecosystem that feels sort of wild and out there, and then also design things that simultaneously felt beautiful and horrifying at the same time.”

The two-armed pit lizard from the 1933 King Kong film was used as a reference for the Skullcrawlers. They were also inspired by a number of other cinematic creatures; Vogt-Roberts stated, “That creature Kong vs Giant Squid, beyond being a reference to a creature from the 1933 film, is also this crazy fusion of all of the influences throughout my life – like the first angel from Evangelion, and No-Face from Spirited Away, and Cubone from Pokémon.”


At the same time of the announcement of Vogt-Roberts as director, the studio also announced that Tom Hiddleston would play the lead role. For a time, both J. K. Simmons and Michael Keaton were attached to roles; however, both left due to scheduling difficulties. On July 23, 2015, Brie Larson was cast in the film to play the female lead. On August 5, 2015, it was announced that Corey Hawkins was cast in the film to play a supporting role. On August 6, 2015, Deadline Hollywood reported that the studio was in early talks with Samuel L. Jackson to replace the role which Simmons vacated, while John C. Reilly was being eyed for Keaton’s role, but not offered it yet. Tom Wilkinson was also offered a role in the film Kong vs Giant Squid.

On August 20, 2015, Toby Kebbell joined the cast of the film, while Jackson and Reilly were confirmed for roles. Jackson’s deal was worth five million dollars. On August 25, 2015, Jason Mitchell joined the cast, to play a pilot. On September 25, 2015, John Goodman was cast to play Randa, a government official and leader of an expedition, and Thomas Mann was also cast.

On October 1, 2015, John Ortiz and Shea Whigham were added to the cast in unspecified roles. On October 13, 2015, Eugene Cordero joined the film, and on November 2, 2015, it was announced Will Brittain had joined the cast, portraying a pilot, in one of the last key leads in the film. In May 2016, Toby Kebbell revealed that Terry Notary would portray Kong through motion capture, and that Kebbell provided some guidance for Kong’s motion capture sequences.


Principal photography on the film began on October 19, 2015, and concluded on March 18, 2016. Filming took place in the northern portion of Vietnam, including Tràng An, Vân Long and Tam Cốc (Ninh Bình Province), Hạ Long Bay (Quảng Ninh Province), and at the entrance of Tú Làn Caves System (Tân Hoá, Trung Hoá Village, Minh Hoá District Quảng Bình Province), the island of Oahu in Hawaii, and Australia’s Gold Coast. Locations included Honolulu’s Chinatown, and at the Kualoa Ranch and Waikane Valley (Ohulehule Forest Conservancy) on Oahu. In mid-January 2016, filming started in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


The merchandise for the film was a Walmart exclusive in 2017. A large Kong vs Giant Squid figure was the main toy featuring a Jack Chapman with a missile launcher. In addition to Walmart selling the toys, sells them too. Also, two costumes for Kong were made and sold during Halloween. One of them is a standard costume while the other was an inflatable Kong suit.

On April 7, 2017, a four-issue graphic novel series called Skull Island: The Birth of Kong was announced. Acting as both a prequel and sequel to the film, an adult Houston Brooks nearing retirement from Monarch in 2012 learns that his estranged missing son with San Lin, Aaron, led a team of Monarch agents on a secret mission to Skull Island in the mid-1990s; uncovering the secrets of Kong’s past and how he became the last of his kind. Written by Arvid Nelson with interior and cover art by Mohammad “Zid” Yazid (issue No. 4 cover art done by Drew Johnson), the four-issue series was released between April 12 and November 21, 2017. On December 12, 2017, a paperback collection was released. A novelization by Tim Lebbon was released on March 14, 2017.


Kong vs Giant Squid Kong: Skull Island was originally scheduled to be released on November 4, 2016, but was pushed back to March 10, 2017. The new release date coincided with the franchise’s 84th anniversary. It was released in 3D and IMAX 3D, as well as in Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range, and Dolby Atmos sound in Dolby Cinemas and presented in 70mm. The film premiered at the Cineworld Empire Leicester Square in London on February 28, 2017.

Home media

Kong vs Giant Squid Kong: Skull Island was released on HD Digital on June 20, 2017, and on 4K Ultra HD, 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD on July 18, 2017. The film debuted at the top of the NPD VideoScan First Alert sales chart and the dedicated Blu-ray chart for the week ending on July 23, 2017. To date, Kong: Skull Island has sold $45 million worth of DVDs and Blu-rays in North America.


The score was composed by Henry Jackman. Since the film takes place in the 1970s, Jackman blended ’70s psychedelic guitars into the score. “The great thing about a monster movie is that it opens the door to use the symphony orchestra in its most sumptuous way,” Jackman says. “[Director] Jordan [Vogt-Roberts] was happy to celebrate the gravity and history that comes with a full orchestra, but we also explored less traditional elements. That’s a field day for a composer.”

The score was recorded at AIR Lyndhurst Studios together with the London Voices and conducted by Gavin Greenaway, with additional music by Alex Belcher, Halli Cauthery and Stephen Hilton. The soundtrack was digitally released on March 3, 2017 through WaterTower Music and then later released in 2018 by Waxwork Records on a double LP.

Regarding the music used in the film, Vogt-Roberts stated, “I wanted to use songs from the Vietnam era and a myriad of hits from the ’70s… [T]his provides a striking dichotomy, sets the tone and gives us great moments of fun. The music, which serves to both heighten the film’s emotion and underscore the action, was one of the final creative elements to fall into place during post-production. It was the culmination of a massive undertaking that had taken the production to three continents.”

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Kong vs Giant Squid – Fight Scene – Kong: Skull Island (2017) Image

About Kong vs Giant Squid – Fight Scene – Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Directed By Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Screenplay by Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein, Derek Connolly
Produced by Thomas Tull, Mary Parent, Jon Jashni, Alex Garcia
Story by John Gatins
Based on King Kong by Merian C. Cooper, Edgar Wallace
Music Henry Jackman
Release Date February 28, 2017 (Empire, Leicester Square) - March 10, 2017 (United States)
Runtime 2:46
Starring Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Brie Larson, Jing Tian, Toby Kebbell, John Ortiz
Country United States
Language English
Production Company Legendary Pictures, Tencent Pictures
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Budget $185 million
Box office $566.7 million
Aspect Ratio 2.39 : 1
Official Site
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