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Don’t Croak

Don’t Croak Description

Don’t Croak is an emotional thriller about a frog escaping a determined, frenzied girl in a middle school science lab to avoid dissection.

About Daun Kim “Don’t Croak”

My name is Daun Kim. I am 25, from South Korea, and a May 2019 graduate in Computer Animation from Ringling College of Art and Design.

Growing up with an encouraging and supportive family, I was able to have opportunities to experience learning in different fields to discover where my interests are, and it helped me figure out that my passion is art. Although I’ve always loved drawing and painting, I did not consider having a career in art. I was insecure about my talent in art, and was afraid of competing with those who practiced many years in advance to become an artist. In 2013, I was accepted into college as an engineering major, and spent a year focused on Mathematics, Physics and Programming.

It was a demanding curriculum and I was desperately unhappy. I started thinking about what I wanted to do seriously. Meanwhile, sitting in a theater to see Frozen as an escape, I found myself inspired watching how affected the audience was by the story and animated characters. Immediately, I decided that creating story driven animations like Don’t Croak that can have profound effects on people would be my career.

In 2015, I discovered Ringling College of Art and Design through an internet search, applied, was accepted, and began enthusiastically studying computer animation. Their rigorous, challenging program demanded I experience a variety of art classes, out of my comfort zone, that contributed to the animator I am today.

For four years, I have worked hard on my education in Computer Animation mastering my required classes and also applying them by earning Best of Ringling my sophomore and junior years. This hard work earned me a summer 2018, 3D animation internship at Gasket Studios, and culminated in my thesis short animated film like “Don’t Croak”, called Don’t Croak, an emotional thriller about a frog escaping a determined, frenzied girl in a middle school science lab to avoid dissection.

As an animator and artist, I entertain and communicate with audiences of all ages. My animations address social, developmental and educational challenges through comical situations that everyone can relate to. It brings me great pleasure and satisfaction and I will continue working on creating animation that make people happy.

What is a Short Film like Don’t Croak?

When we refer to audiovisual production, where through it different contents are produced for the audiovisual media, mainly for cinema and television, the short film, popularly known on television as short, is an audiovisual production that reaches a duration of more than thirty minutes, although it is worth mentioning that its traditional duration is located between eight and thirty minutes.

Definition of short film like Don’t Croak

We can define a short film as a film or a film effort in which the duration never exceeds 30 minutes, and which can have a minimum duration of 5 minutes. Also known by the name of short, is a very important part for all those who want to start their lives as new filmmakers, as it is very important because it allows them to put into practice all their skills as future producers. Many of the big film producers started making simple short films, until they settled in the place they enjoy today.

Characteristics of a short film “Don’t Croak”

The main characteristics of a short film are the following:

  • They are short productions that do not exceed thirty minutes.
  • They depend on their plot, their origin and the techniques used to make them to classify them.
  • You don’t need a lot of money to make a short film.
  • The place where it takes place is one of the most important aspects of a short film.
  • It must have a beginning, a plot and an end.
  • The characters that are part of a short film must be convincing and have a specific function within the work.
  • Find a way to tell a story concisely.
  • It is a format that has been relegated to second place with respect to feature films and documentaries.
  • It is the main protagonist of film festivals.

A short film is any motion picture not long enough in running time to be considered a feature film. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines a short film as “an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits”. In the United States, short films were generally termed short subjects from the 1920s into the 1970s when confined to two 35mm reels or less, and featurettes for a film of three or four reels. “Short” was an abbreviation for either term.

The increasingly rare industry term “short subject” carries more of an assumption that the film is shown as part of a presentation along with a feature film. Short films are often screened at local, national, or international film festivals and made by independent filmmakers with either a low budget or no budget at all. They are usually funded by film grants, nonprofit organizations, sponsor, or personal funds. Short films are generally used for industry experience and as a platform to showcase talent to secure funding for future projects from private investors, a production company, or film studios.

Modern era

A few animated shorts continue within mainstream commercial distribution. For instance, Pixar has screened a short along with each of its feature films during its initial theatrical run since 1995 (producing shorts permanently since 2001). Since Disney acquired Pixar in 2006, Disney has also produced animated shorts since 2007 with the Goofy short How to Hook Up Your Home Theater and produced a series of live action ones featuring The Muppets for viewing on YouTube as viral videos to promote the 2011 movie of the same name.

DreamWorks Animation often produces a short sequel to include in the special edition video releases of major features, and are typically of a sufficient length to be broadcast as a TV special, a few films from the studio have added theatrical shorts as well. Warner Bros. often includes old animated shorts from its considerable library, connected only thematically, on the DVD releases of classic WB movies. In 2010 and 2012 Warner Bros. also released new Looney Tunes shorts before family films.

Shorts International and Magnolia Pictures organize an annual release of Academy Award-nominated short films in theatres across the US, UK, Canada and Mexico throughout February and March.

Shorts are occasionally broadcast as filler when a feature film or other work doesn’t fit the standard broadcast schedule. ShortsTV was the first television channel dedicated to short films.

However, short films generally rely on festival exhibition to reach an audience. Such movies can also be distributed via the Internet. Certain websites which encourage the submission of user-created short films, such as YouTube and Vimeo have attracted large communities of artists and viewers. Sites like Omeleto , FILMSshort, Short of the Week, Short Central and some apps showcase curated shorts.

Short films are a typical first stage for new filmmakers, but professional actors and crews often still choose to create short films as an alternative form of expression. Amateur filmmaking has grown in popularity as equipment has become more accessible.

The lower production costs of short films often mean that short films can cover alternative subject matter as compared to higher budget feature films. Similarly, unconventional filmmaking techniques such as Pixilation or narratives that are told without dialogue, are more often seen in short films than features.

Tropfest claims to be the world’s largest short film festival. Tropfests now take place in Australia (its birthplace), Arabia, the US and elsewhere. Originating in 1993, Tropfest is often credited as being at least partially responsible for the recent popularity of short films internationally.

Short shorts

Short short films are sometimes considered in a category of their own. The International Festival of Very Shorts based in Paris only shows movies less than three minutes long. Filminute, the international one-minute film festival, has presented and promoted a collection of one-minute films across multiple media since September 2006. also categorizes films under five minutes.

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Don’t Croak Image

About Don’t Croak

Genre Animation, Short, Thriller
Directed By Daun Kim
Written by Daun Kim
Music Kevin Smithers
Release Date 15 September 2019 (USA)
Runtime 1:40
Starring Caspar Eichelberger, Baxter Evans
Country USA
Language None
Aspect Ratio 2.39:1
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