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Garden Party (Short Film 2017)

Garden Party (Short Film 2017) Description

Garden Party is a 2017 CG animated short film directed by Illogic Collective, 6 French 3D artists during their studies at MoPA, animation school in France. This short film is their graduation film. The short has been presented and won awards in a number of festivals including the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, the SIGGRAPH, and the Nashville Film Festival where it won the Oscar Qualifying prize of Grand Jury Prize for best animation.

The short was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 90th Academy Awards.


In a deserted rich house, a couple of amphibians explore their surroundings. An emerald green frog swims through a murky swimming pool while being followed by a bigger toad. They eventually end up in a bed room that has all its sheets scattered about. A small yellow frog tries and fails to catch a butterfly to eat and a larger fatter toad awakens in a kitchen full of rancid food. This does not stop it from dining on caviar and macaroons. The yellow frog makes its way into the house through one of the numerous bullet holes in the glass windows. An open safe and a gun can be seen, implying that a violent gun fight occurred there.

As the night falls, the yellow frog finds the house’s security room and begins accidentally turning on numerous switches; lighting up a painting that reveals the house’s owner. Lights, music and water effects turn on outside as more amphibians show up to enjoy their new paradise. As they do so, the body of the house’s owner, clad solely in a bathrobe, floats to the top of the pool; having been pickled and swollen from resting at the bottom for so long. The amphibians pay no mind to him.


Since its launch, the film has received numerous awards, and selected in more than 180 festivals around the world.

Garden Party (2017 short film)

Frogs and toads abound in Garden Party, a remarkable short film produced by six talented French artists during their studies at MOPA. With reminiscences from the artists’ previous work, the film uses animals as narrative devices for exploring a scene, creating a puzzle that hooks the viewer with a slowly unfolding story.

A suburban staging is employed, populated by assorted frogs, toads, insects, etc. It is in this regard a crowd-based short, with just a few defined characters that help guide and progress the story. Impressive work has been dedicated to creating the external and internal environments. The quality of CG work in Garden Party is outstanding, including attention to materials, photorealism, lighting and physics simulations (the authors mention their intention to imitate the visuals from related documentaries). Aesthetics and composition are a pleasure to watch.

Due to the exploratory nature of the script, much of the film uses a descriptive camera, with a strategy that progresses from the particular to the general (close-ups to wider shots), slowly revealing the scenes. This includes frequent use of foreground and background elements as well as shifts in focus for revealing effects. Visual rhythm is handled mostly through editing and motion within the frame (or changes in lighting). A few effective camera moves are employed.

What makes Garden Party work so well? The unfolding surprises of the background story help create suspense, hooking the viewer and slowly changing the tone and theme of the film to a genre movie. They also create a contrast with the animal kingdom, which is completely oblivious to it, and continues on its own parallel narrative lines (the authors have stated that this contrast was indeed intentional, and that it was used to balance the amount of comedy in the film with the more dramatic elements). An emphasis on irreverent humor and creativity adds a lot of spice to the short, making it appealing to a wider audience.

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Garden Party (Short Film 2017) Image

About Garden Party (Short Film 2017)

Genre Animation, Short, Comedy
Directed By Théophile Dufresne, Florian Babikian, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire
Produced by Julien Deparis
Music Romain Montiel
Release Date 28 April 2018 (France)
Runtime 7:21
Country France
Language None
Aspect Ratio 1.85 : 1
Official Site
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