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Iron Man VS Hulk

Iron Man VS Hulk Description

Iron Man VS Hulk: The two titans of the Marvel Universe clash once again in this brutal animated brawl. When the Hulk gets out of control and needs to be taken down, there’s only one man that can handle him — and that man uses a machine to do it. Tony Stark’s Hulkbuster armor is designed to do exactly what it’s named after, and fans waited quite a while after its comic book debut to see it deployed on the big screen. Hulk battled Hulkbuster for one extreme action scene in 2015’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron, and now the two are squaring off again.

“Iron Man VS Hulk” is an animated fan film that unofficially pits the Hulkbuster against the Hulk once again as Iron Man works with General Ross to bring the rampaging giant to a halt. The fan film also uses the likenesses and designs from the Marvel Studios films, giving a nearly in-universe feel to the battle. You can watch the four-minute melee below, as the two titans clash — and destroy pretty much everything in their general vicinity.

These days, there is no limit to the creativity fans have when it comes to fandoms like comic book and film. So, when the two demographics combine, there is no end to what fans like Anthony McGrath can do. Recently, the creator took to Youtube to share with fans a fan-trailer “Iron Man VS Hulk” he made about the Avengers, and it will rock your world. The 6-minute video imagines what another down-and-dirty fight between Iron Man and the Hulk would look like.

Spoiler Alert: There’s ton of collateral damage.

You can check out the stunning video above and then scroll through our gallery to check out its finest points. From the Hulk’s entrance to Iron Man’s various takedowns, there is plenty to see when it comes to “Iron Man Gamma Protocol.”

The Hulk

You have to admit: the CG animation for this fan-video goes above and beyond what many would call indie. The crisp video is filled with complex backgrounds, multicolored textures, and realistic characters. Well, as realistic as superheroes can be.

When fans first see the Hulk in “Iron Man VS Hulk,” the giant looks similar to Marvel Studios’ iteration. There is a clear resemblance between Mark Ruffalo and McGrath’s creation, and his on-point snarls only make the character more terrifying.

Iron Man: Hulkbuster Suit

Talk about imposing. When Iron Man lands in front of the Hulk’s rampage, Tony Stark keeps it cool in the face of chaos. Armed with his Hulkbuster suit, Iron Man has got enough weaponry on him to take down a tank, but that many not be enough to stop the irradiated monster. As the two battle, the Hulk grows stronger along with his anger, and Tony’s massive suit finds itself crumbling under the monster’s vicious assault in”Iron Man VS Hulk”.

Iron Man vs Hulk

McGrath’s vision of Iron Man fighting the Hulk is closely mirrored to the showdown fans saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Buildings crumble, cars are tossed around like matches, and the two heroes go head-to-head in a literal death match. Of course, the town they’re going at it in seems devoid of civilians, so there won’t be any accidental casualties like before. Instead, Iron Man is the only one around to bear the Hulk’s onslaught, and his Hulkbuster armor is truly put to the test during the recovery mission.

And The Winner Is…

By the film’s end, there is only one hero left standing, and viewers can see that it is Iron Man who leaves a pile of smolder fallout. Having lost his helmet, Tony Stark stands over the unconscious body of the Hulk looking more than a little weary. The green beast is just lying beaten on the cold, hard ground – but will he stay that way? In the trailer’s final moments, fans watch as the Hulk opens his eyes with a murderous glint, leaving many to hope that Tony has another helmet on hand to keep himself from being crushed by the hulking beast.

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Iron Man VS Hulk Image

About Iron Man VS Hulk

Genre Action, Phantasy, Sci-Fi
Directed By Anthony Mcgrath
Written by Anthony Mcgrath
Produced by Anthony Mcgrath
Music Mathias Meyer
Release Date Jan 1, 2017
Runtime 6:00
Language None
Aspect Ratio 2.39 : 1
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