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Jungle Jail

Jungle Jail Description

Jungle Jail is a short film made as a student at ESMA Montpellier by Bruce Nguyen and co-directed with Mathieu Arnoux, Hugo Cierzniak, Aymeric Palermo. One of the many ESMA school projects available to all viewers on the Web.

The Psychopath is the main character of the 2007 French CGI-animated short film Jungle Jail!. He is a young criminal who gets sent to a dangerous prison (mostly composed of muscular men) where anything can happen, and shortly after becomes the big boss of the jail. However, it all appears to just be a day dream, and at the end of the short he gets punched to near death by the Muscular Criminal.

Jungle Jail History

During the events of Jungle Jail, a bald man gets escorted by a police officer to a prison, whereas the prisoners congratulate a new member by throwing used items such as soda cans, used cartons and even ball gags. On the way to his new cell, the man gets made fun of by his peers, possibly commenting on how weak and fearful he looks.

This feeling goes on the entire nights, until in the morning where he for example gets used as a basketball where he gets slam dunked, forced into being chased by prisoners of even beaten up by them, running to a shower room where the soap got dropped to the floor and the men are threatening to rape him, forced into BDSM play, and the days get repeated all over again until the man gives up and is sick of his unfair treatment by fellow prisoners.

The next morning during breakfast, his lunch gets all taken by a muscular criminal, and he gets helpless enough to face his brute force by being attacked until submission. Being defenseless, a bug suddenly pops up our of nowhere at his hand, and falls in love with the Muscular Criminal. Because of this, the criminal screams and faints, making all prisoners surrender him wondering if he’s dead. Because of the Psychopath learning about the Criminal’s weakness, he scares everyone else in the prison (even confusing the cops), including the Chinese people.

After scaring almost every single prisoner away with one smile, the Psychopath makes the Muscular Criminal his own personal slave, and forces him to beat his fellow mates against his will. Near the end of the short, he attempts to take over the world and make everyone his subordinates, until it is later found out that it was all just a day dream from when his lunch was stolen. Seeing everyone leave from the canteen, the Psychopath attempts to scare the Muscular Criminal with the same bug, but does not get a reaction and owns the man with one punch.

Jungle Jail Appearance

The Psychopath is a bald, petit, young man with fair skin and blue eyes. In one of the past flashbacks, he had a large, black afro and carried a Desert Eagle.

Jungle JailPersonality

The Psychopath is generally an easily scared, puny and submissive individual. However, in one of his day dreams, he is psychotic, manipulative, controlling and sadistic. His criminal acts are shown at the flashback of the ending credits, where he aims his gun against some policemen at a donut restaurant, leading to his arrest later on.

What is a Short Film?

When we refer to audiovisual production, where through it different contents are produced for the audiovisual media, mainly for cinema and television, the short film, popularly known on television as short, is an audiovisual production that reaches a duration of more than thirty minutes, although it is worth mentioning that its traditional duration is located between eight and thirty minutes.

Definition of short film

We can define a short film as a film or a film effort in which the duration never exceeds 30 minutes, and which can have a minimum duration of 5 minutes. Also known by the name of short, is a very important part for all those who want to start their lives as new filmmakers, as it is very important because it allows them to put into practice all their skills as future producers. Many of the big film producers started making simple short films, until they settled in the place they enjoy today.

Characteristics of a short film

The main characteristics of a short film are the following:

  • They are short productions that do not exceed thirty minutes.
  • They depend on their plot, their origin and the techniques used to make them to classify them.
  • You don’t need a lot of money to make a short film.
  • The place where it takes place is one of the most important aspects of a short film.
  • It must have a beginning, a plot and an end.
  • The characters that are part of a short film must be convincing and have a specific function within the work.
  • Find a way to tell a story concisely.
  • It is a format that has been relegated to second place with respect to feature films and documentaries.
  • It is the main protagonist of film festivals.
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Jungle Jail Image

About Jungle Jail

Genre Animation, Short
Directed By Mathieu Arnou, Hugo Cierzniak, Bruce Nguyen Van Lan, Aymeric Palermo, Stepaschka
Written by Stepaschka
Music Brett Caldas Lima, Olivier Rakota
Release Date 23 January 2008
Runtime 07:41
Starring Sébastien Buisson, Mourad Slitni, Stepaschka
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