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R’ha Description

R’ha (2013) is a 6-minute animated student film by German director Kaleb Lechowski. It is being developed into a feature-length film by the director along with writer Matthew Graham and producer Rick McCallum. However, the lack of proven progress have opened speculation[who?] whether it will ever be more than a short film and wasted Kickstarter funds. Voice acting is done by David Masterson from Ireland, who voiced both the characters.

R’ha film starts with the voice of a machine speaking. It is interrogating an alien. The alien comments rudely and the machine says this response is “inappropriate”. It electrocutes the alien a few times and mentions a “rendezvous”. The alien’s backstory is revealed, showing that his race was at war with the machines they created. He, along with his fleet, protected his people, but he was captured. Later on, the machine explains that they wish to gain independence through the extermination of the alien’s race.

The alien soon breaks free, tearing the machine’s head off. He takes his chance and escapes on his ship. Meanwhile, the machine turns itself back on and starts tracking the alien back to his intended rendezvous point.


The AI construct named, C180-40, begins his interrogation of the alien , who is a pilot for his species’ military. C180-40’s first and only question is where an evacuation fleet’s rendezvous point is. Once R’ha refuses to reveal this information, C180-40 then begins the first round of the Motivation Program.

There is then a flashback to a war between R’ha’s species and hostile AI constructs. At the end of the flashback we see  ship being disabled in orbit.

The ending of the film shows C180-40 give R’ha false information, saying that he is scanning ship for the rendezvous point. R’ha tells the AI that he does not have the data on his ship. C180-40 then lies by telling that he found the evacuation fleet’s location and then pretends to try to kill R’ha. R’ha then is “escapes” and flies his ship to the rendezvous point. C180-40 then begins tracking  ship and tells the AI fleet to get ready to attack.

When R’ha was released it was looked at by multiple different studios and producers.

In June of 2013 it was announced that Rick McCallum would produce the feature length project and that Kaleb would have full creative control over the project.

The film will be produced in VFX facilitates in Central Europe and Asia.

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R’ha Image

About R’ha

Genre Animation, Short, Sci-Fi
Directed By Kaleb Lechowski
Written by Kaleb Lechowski
Music Hartmut Zeller
Release Date January 9, 2013
Runtime 6 minutes
Starring David Masterson
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