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The Present Animated Short Film

The Present Animated Short Film Description

The Present Animated Short Film directed and co-written by Jacob Frey and co-written with Markus Kranzler. It is based on “Perfeição”, a comic strip by Fabio Coala. The short film tells the story of a 12 year old boy who gets a three-legged puppy from his mom, eventually warming up to it.

The Present Animated Short Film has won 77 awards from several film festivals and has garnered critical acclaim from critics. As a result of the short film, both Kranzler and Frey were given jobs at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios respectively.

The Present Animated Short Film Plot

A 12-year-old boy plays a shooter video game in a darkened living room behind blinds, but is surprised when his mother arrives with a box, saying it contains a present for him. She then goes upstairs to answer a phone call. The boy opens the box, revealing an energetic puppy. The boy’s delight turns to disdain as he sees the puppy is missing most of its left front leg. Disgusted, he kicks the puppy away and continues his game.

Unperturbed, the puppy finds a red rubber ball under a cabinet and clumsily brings the ball to the boy, inviting him to play. The boy does his best to ignore the little dog but is soon won over by its determination and spirit, in spite of himself. The boy shuts off the video game and happily goes outside to play fetch with his puppy, revealing that he walks with crutches and his left leg is missing below the knee.

The Present Animated Short Film Reception and legacy

The Present Animated Short Film was screened at 265 different film festivals and has won 77 accolades from all film festivals and has received critical acclaim. Because of this, both Frey and Kranzler moved to the United States in October and are working at Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar respectively. Frey has worked on both Zootopia and Moana.

Sharing a life with a dog can change your world entirely. It can make it brighter, sweeter, happier. It can show you how unconditional love feels like, how friendship without limits looks like. A dog’s love is pure; it knows no boundaries… Dogs have no boundaries.
Dogs with special needs just need your love because there is not much they cannot do. They may be blind or deaf, they may miss a leg or two, or the tail. For them it doesn’t matter: if they want to play, they’ll play, if they want to love, they’ll love. They may be different but they will never know. Amazing creatures dogs are. This is exactly what this animated short film shows. It is called “The Present” and it was created by German director and character animator, Jacob Frey.
It is based on a comic strip by the Portuguese Fábio Coala Cavalcanti. It has premiered in more than 180 film festivals and it has won more than 50 awards; including Best Film for Children, Best Animation, Best Student Animated Short, Best Foreign Short Animation, and many many more.
It starts with a boy playing video games and his mom arriving home. She tells him it’s a beautiful day and he should go outside to play, but the boy is too focused on his video game. He doesn’t even notice his mom arrived with a present for him until she points it out.
And the present is one of the coolest presents anyone can get: a dog. The boy is happy until he notices the dog is missing a leg and the present gets ruined. The boy is disgusted and rejects the dog.
maxresdefault But the dog doesn’t know there is anything “wrong” with him. He still tries to get the boy’s attention, he still tries to play. And in his own special way, he gives the boy a beautiful lesson. But I won’t tell you how it ends.
You’ll have to watch it till the end. Trust me, it will be totally worthy. Just a heads up: you may need to have the tissue box by your side.
If you want to watch more of Jacob Frey’s work, just follow this link. And if you want to know more about Fábio Coala Cavalcanti’s comic strips, follow this one.
The Present Animated Short Film Some information:
Did you know that animated shorts used to be shown in theaters before feature – length films?
Indeed, it’s true. Sometimes it happens when I go to the movies. This is a great way to showcase new talents and warm up the audience before diving into a bigger story.
Disney is keeping this tradition alive today with lovely little films like Paperman, premiered before Wreck-It Ralph in 2012.
My usual readers know I love animated films and I include some into school curriculum. So, I often share with you on my blog, some shorts. Paperman is one of them. It’s a lovely digital resource to inspire a Valentine’s Day lesson. It had a huge success! Don’t miss the publication.
The Present Animated Short Film Education:

The Present Animated Short Film is a well done short animation with an huge problem: Disabilities. Teens and disability. And why not animals and disability?

Teens disability is a very delicate problem that we have to face in our classes. Especially, we must help classmates to understand and be kind.

When we see that a student has some kind of disability, we can’t let his classmates stigmatize him. We must act.

So this short is a touching pedagogical resource to include the theme ‘Disabilities’ into your curriculum. Every child should be able to succeed in every area taught in schools, no matter the disability.

How to do it?

I recommend displaying the short in the classroom before reading the comic that it was based on. However, no matter what order you decide to include these resources into the curriculum, you must be sure that your students will be touched by this powerful story of friendship and love between a special boy and a very special puppy.
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The Present Animated Short Film Image

About The Present Animated Short Film

Genre Animation, Short, Comedy
Directed By Jacob Frey
Written by Fabio Cavalcanti Jacob Frey
Produced by Jacob Frey, Anna Matacz
Music Tobias Bürger
Release Date 22 April 2014 (Germany)
Runtime 4:18
Starring Samantha Brown Quinn Nealy
Country Germany
Language English
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Official Site
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