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Triumph Find The One

Triumph Find The One Description

Triumph Find The One is back again with another Disney inspired musical ad, and it appears to be a step up from their first effort.

Triumph Find The One is excited to announce the launch of its Find the One short animated movie that brings to life the magical experience of finding the perfectly fitting bra. Created to accompany the Stand Up for Fit and Find the One campaigns, the movie uses animation to tell the emotional story of finding the right bra in a beautiful and innovative way. It is the first time a lingerie brand has used animation to convey the life changing experience of finding the right bra and the first time it has animated one of its models.

The animated movie, that stars Triumph and Sports Illustrated model, Hannah Ferguson, will air on television in the UK, Germany and Italy from April 13th and run until mid-May with edited versions viewable online across Europe.

Triumph Find The One

Eszter Szijarto, Head of Brand Marketing at Triumph Find The One says: ‘It is really important for us to find new ways of bringing to life the bra finding journey so that we continue to inspire customers to go for a fitting and find the perfectly fitting bra – “The One.”’

Tobias Fueter and Yves Bollag of stories AG are the talented people behind the creation of the animation and its characters. Commenting on the project, Toby says: ‘Triumph Find The One is a fantastic brand for which to create an emotional story. Women easily identify with animated characters, which explains the success of animated fairytales all over the world.’

The animation follows cartoon Hannah and her two friends – Mara and Tammy – on a captivating journey to finding “The One”. Along with her friends and her faithful companion, Fred the Frog, the four make a charming bunch that enliven the story of the journey to find “The One.”

No story is complete without a fairy godmother. Hannah’s, The Fairy Dress Form, tells her that her quest to find the perfectly fitting bra has not been in vain, that she will, ‘have the perfect look, the perfect feel’ and, sure enough, leads her to “Triumph Find The One” This year Triumph will act as fairy godmother to 500,000 women by fitting them for the perfect bra as part of Find the One.

The bra featured in the animated movie is our Magic Wire Bra that recently won the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award for its innovative design. The Magic Wire features a little, flexible piece of silicone in place of regular underwire, making the bra wearing experience infinitely more comfortable. Red Dot is an internationally recognised sign of excellency in design.

The animation score was composed specially for Triumph by Tony award-winning American musical theatre composer, Jason Robert Brown, and the vocal performed by three acclaimed Broadway singers. Prague’s acclaimed Filmharmonic Orchestra performed the enchanting musical accompaniment.

To celebrate the short animated film we are running a global ‘Animate Me’ competition for Triumph customers. The lucky winners will receive an illustration of themselves in the style of the Triumph Find the One animated film. To enter, customers will answer a question relating to “Triumph Find The One” and submit their answers on the Triumph Facebook page, on Twitter using the hashtag #animateme, or via the Find the One Hub. The competition opens on April 22nd and closes on May 13th. The winners will be announced on May 15th and the winning entries will be displayed on the Find the One Hub and on social channels at the end of May.

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Triumph Find The One Image

About Triumph Find The One

Genre Animation, Advertising
Directed By Tobias Fueter
Release Date Apr 13, 2016
Runtime 1:58
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