Ariel Rebecca Martin (born November 22, 2000), known professionally as Baby Ariel, is an American social media personality, singer and actress, known for her videos on the social media platform (now known as TikTok). She was recognized as one of the most influential people on the Internet by Time magazine in 2017, and was featured on Forbes 2017 list of top entertainment influencers.

Ariel is known for her social media work, particularly her work on the social media platform TikTok, and for starring as Wynter in the Disney Channel Original Movie movie Zombies 2. She has over 34.7 million TikTok followers, 9.8 million Instagram followers, 3.07 million YouTube subscribers, and 1.1 million Twitter followers. She won the Teen Choice Award for “Choice Muser” in 2016 and 2017.


In 2015, Ariel launched an anti-bullying campaign called #ArielMovement, described by BlackBook as one of her most important endeavors. People magazine recognized her for her support in the #HackHarassment initiative to stop Internet trolls and negativity on the Internet.

In 2016, Ariel was featured on the cover of Billboard magazine alongside fellow personality Jacob Sartorius. She has appeared on 60 Minutes and Good Morning America and has been cited as a top influencer by Forbes, People, and USA Today. Ariel signed with Creative Artists Agency in September 2016 and released her debut single “Aww” on December 1, 2017. She released her second single “Perf” on January 17, 2018.

On March 30, 2018, Ariel released the song “Say It” with Daniel Skye. She collaborated with EA Games for The Sims 4, appearing as a Sim in the expansion pack The Sims 4: Get Famous, released in November 2018. In late 2018, Ariel starred in Baby Doll Records, a mini-series on Brat. In 2019, she starred in Bixler High Private Eye, a Nickelodeon television film. Later that year, it was announced that she would be appearing in the Disney Channel film Zombies 2, and would portray the role of Wynter.

Ariel was profiled in Fast Company, Business Insider, and Seventeen Magazine. Other mentions include CNN, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, Tubefilter, Paper Magazine, RAW, and Wonderwall.

Personal life

Martin is Jewish and was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida, to a Panamanian father and Cuban-Israeli mother.

Interesting facts about Baby Ariel

Baby Ariel is the biggest star on the social media app, She has earned over 16 million followers on musical.Ly, she is also popular on Instagram, YouTube, and YouNow. Here are all Baby Ariel facts you need to know about her.

1, What is she real name?

Her real name is Ariel Rebbeca Martin

2, Baby Ariel birthday?

Her birthday is November 22, 2000. She is 16 years old.

3, What does she like?

Her favorite color is red

She like to make people happy

She loves going to the beach with her family

4, What is her favorite?

Her favorite social media is musically and Twitter

Her favorite thing to do is film video and musically

Her favorite movie is Tarzan

Her favorite ice cream is coffee

5, Baby Ariel’s family

She has a little brother, Jacob (King Jacob). She still lives in South Florida with her parents. Her father is from Panama, and her mother was born in New Jersey. Her grandparents are from Israel, Cuba, Spain and Panama.

She is very close to her family

6, Does she have a boyfriend?


In 2016, Baby Ariel started dating YouNow star, Zach Clayton (@bruhitszach)

In late 2016, Baby Ariel began dating fellow muser Blake Gray.

7, Who is her close friend?

She introduced her close friend TheyLoveArii to the musical.Ly app in 2015. The two often collaborate on the app.

8, How to contact her?

You can contact with her on following platforms

  • Youtube- Channel
  • Instagram- @babyariel
  • Mailing address- P.O.Box 260848 Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
  • Twitter- @BabyAriel

Facts about Baby Ariel on social media

Her social media stardom originated from in 2015. She first downloaded the app out of boredom and quickly gained a following.

She has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 5.9 million followers on Instagram. She was signed by prominent talent agency CAA in 2016. She released a sticker app in early 2017 called Arielmoji.

She later joined a collaborative YouTube channel called Our Journey along with Loren Beech, Brennen Taylor, Mario Selman, Weston Koury, Zach Clayton, and Nick Bean.

In 2016, she won the first ever Teen Choice Award for Choice Muser.

Other facts about Baby Ariel

She was bullied when she was a kid. She realized that she got a lot of love and support from her family, friends, and fans, but there were some who were mean to her for no apparent reason.

She use to be in gymnastics and a soccer team

She had her first kiss when she was 13

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