Christmas Day, Mr. Bean” is the Christmas episode of the live-action Mr. Bean series.


Act 1: Christmas Shopping

It is Christmas Day Eve and Mr. Bean decides to visit Harrods during a Christmas shopping spree. After parking directly in front of the store and harassing a man dressed as Father Christmas Day by pulling his fake beard, he goes inside and tests out two Christmas ornaments, going with the one that bounces (after the other one smashes on the floor). He also tests some Christmas Day lights using the same socket used for all of the exterior lights, plunging the entire outside of the store into darkness in the process.

Bean goes to the counter to pay for his items, when he notices a display and performs a rather inaccurate Nativity scene involving a Royal Guard parade, a Dalek, two army tanks, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a helicopter, and several other toys. Eventually, the store manager (Owen Brenman) puts a stop to his fun by introducing a small policeman into the set and gives Bean his bag of items. He then leaves content with his work while the store manager watches.

Later in the town’s Christmas Day market, Bean meets his girlfriend, Irma Gobb. She takes him to a jewelry shop and points to the ring she wants in the window. However, he sees a picture of a couple sitting next to the ring and goes to buy it, thinking this is what she wants. He wins a free turkey by cheating, then upon seeing another man dressed as Santa Claus he pulls his beard again, only for it to be real, prompting him to make a quick exit while the man recovers.

Bean then volunteers to collect money for a Salvation Army brass band performing in the market. He catches a young pickpocket stealing from people and forces him to give up all the items he has stolen. Then he gives the loot to the conductor. He ends up conducting the band in a ridiculous way while the conductor tries on some of the jewelry that the pickpocket stole (implying that he isn’t donating what he collects but he is greedily keeping it for himself).

Afterwards, Bean wants to buy a Christmas tree, but he gets to the stand just as the last two trees are being purchased. He decides to chop down the town’s very large Christmas tree and drives away with it strapped to the top of his car, while the many people around him are oblivious to the theft.

Act 2: Christmas Day Eve

When Bean gets home later that night, he sets up the stolen Christmas Day tree in his flat (it is also revealed that he has just cut the top part: when he is finished, he sends the rest of the tree crashing down onto the street below). Then he puts out three stockings: one for himself, one for Teddy, and a tiny one for a mouse. He also finds a box of old Christmas crackers and stuffs all the fuses into one, creating a “super cracker”.

While having a glass of wine, Bean then tries to find something good to watch on TV, but finds only war films and horror shows. Shortly after, young carolers arrive at his door singing “Away in a Manger”. He sits down to listen to them while eating chocolates from a box, but after a while he gets drowsy. He walks to the door with the chocolate box but then rudely slams it into their faces without giving them anything. He then goes to bed.

Act 3: Christmas Day

The next morning, Bean wakes up excited that it is Christmas Day morning. He then proceeds to check his stockings, and discovers that Teddy got two new glass eyes to replace his button ones. The mouse has also received a piece of cheese – which Bean ironically places on a mousetrap.

That afternoon, Bean goes into the kitchen to prepare the turkey that he won, but he loses his watch while stuffing it. He then pokes his head inside to look for it and it becomes stuck on his head just as Irma arrives at the door. He tries to prevent she from seeing his predicament, but ends up scaring her when he takes a crosscut saw to try and remove the turkey. Eventually, she helps him by attaching a coat scuttle to it and throwing the scuttle out the window. Unfortunately, it is lost but he fortunately gets his watch back.

Later, they have dinner (cranberry sauce sandwiches and carrot slices) and Irma gives Bean his present. She demands a kiss, only for him to outsmart her and cruelly snatch it away. He opens it to find a modelling ship and marvels at all the guns and in the plastic frames. He then remembers to give her her present, but her excitement quickly turns to disappointment when she finds out that instead of the ring she wanted, he bought her the picture of the engaged couple that was used as part of its display.

As Bean continues happily playing with his ship, Irma sits on his bed and starts to cry. He goes over to console her, but then realizes “I forgot the main bit!” He then produces a small present from his coat pocket, which she opens to reveal a ring box. Overjoyed thinking that this is the real present, she happily hugs him and eagerly opens it to find what appears to be a sparkly ring inside. Unfortunately, upon taking it out of the box, she finds that it’s actually a screw-in hook meant for hanging the picture. As he shows her how to put it on the wall, a very angry Irma storms out of the flat, slamming the door behind.

Bean is puzzled at this, looking at the picture and wondering “What was wrong with it?” before he sadly picks up his “super cracker” he made earlier and says Merry Christmas Day. The episode ends with an outside view of his window as he pulls the cracker, which produces a loud bang and a bright flash that can be seen through the curtains.

Deleted Christmas Day scene

The original broadcast of this episode featured a scene showing how Bean won the turkey he eventually gets stuck on his head. He partakes in a contest to win it by guessing how much it weighs and sneaks a set of bathroom scales onto the counter. After weighing himself with the turkey, he subtracts his own weight and submits the correct answer. He wins the turkey and goes to put it in the boot of his car, while the next person in the contest trips on the scales he left behind. This scene is cut in the A&E DVD release for unknown reasons.

Christmas Day Cast

  • Rowan Atkinson – Mr. Bean
  • Matilda Ziegler – Irma Gobb
  • C. J. Allen – Santa outside Harrods
  • Owen Brenman – Harrods clerk
  • John Warner – Band conductor
  • Lee Barrett – Pickpocket
  • Jonathan Stratt

Broadcast history and availability

The episode was first broadcast on British television in 1992, where its ratings were close to 18.48 million viewers. It has since been released on VHS and DVD, it has also been released within a series box set.

The episode can also been bought as part of a Mr. Bean DVD package called Three Beantastic Adventures, which also contained Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie and Mr. Bean’s Holiday.


  • This is the final appearance of Irma Gobb in the live series as she finally dumps Mr. Bean for being extremely selfish.
    • She may have been with another boyfriend AKA the man who appeared in “Mr. Bean Goes to Town” who danced with her at the disco.
  • Running gag: Mr. Bean pulls Santa Claus’ beard
  • The conductor is shown putting on jewelry in what is presumably his car, implying he isn’t donating what he collects, but is rather greedily stealing it for himself.
  • The turkey scene is reused in the film Bean. It is also an inspiration for the animated series episode, “Dinner for Two.”
  • This a second time Mr. Bean send himself a letter; the first is in “The Return of Mr. Bean.”
  • The usual opening credits of Mr. Bean’s television series (showing the words “Mr. Bean” instead of the episode title) started with this episode. This did not happen on the original VHS release.
  • This episode went back to being shot on video. The next episode would be shot entirely on film.
  • This is only episode Irma talks, she’s never even spoken before in previous episodes.
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