Realistic Cakes Looks Like Everyday Objects: Cake artist Luke Vincentini of Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey creates highly realistic baked creations that are made to look like ordinary items.

Vincentini’s work includes a bag of Doritos, cans of spiked seltzer and beer, a cup of coffee, a chunk of wood, a slab of brick-revealing concrete, a halved lemon and a vintage duck phone. Vincentini told Caters News that it’s hard work, but completely worth it nonetheless.

For most people, cakes are a guilty pleasure reserved for special occasions. Well, let’s be honest, everybody loves a nice slice of chocolate or vanilla cake and just thinking about one is enough to make your mouth water, isn’t it, folks? That’s why there are many cake artists out there whose dedication to their craft has created many incredible and magical treats and New Jersey baker Luke Vincentini certainly deserves to be on top among all of them because he does not create ordinary layered cakes.

Luke began baking when he was a child and fell in love with it. After a stint at the famous Carlo’s Bakery, he’s now churning out viral, hyper realistic cakes as an independent cake artist. From a bag of Doritos to a carton of eggs, he creates incredible optical illusion cakes by taking inspiration from everyday life like “Realistic Cakes Looks Like Everyday Objects”.

So, keep scrolling our list to see Luke’s amazing work and enjoy peeps. We bet you won’t believe that these photos are not of everyday items and they are in fact some fantastic cakes!

Realistic Cakes Looks Like Everyday Objects

There are many professional cake artists out there whose dedication to their craft has created many incredible and magical desserts. However, this time we would like to present to you an expert in the field. 23-year-old Luke Vincentini is unlike most confectioners as he doesn’t create ordinary, layered cakes. Instead, the artist makes desserts in the most unexpected shapes such as bags of Doritos, egg boxes, different fruits, cups of coffee and even cell phones.

Luke works at the famous Carlo’s Bakery in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey, which is known to be the location of Carlo’s Bakery that shot to fame on the TLC show Cake Boss. Many people come here to see his culinary artistry and taste some amazingly realistic desserts. These mouth-watering sweet treats can take up to 14 hours to make, however, he says that each one is a labor of love. We all probably agree that it’s worth every minute it takes!

Luke’s been decorating cakes since he was 12 years old. But the idea for making these types of cakes came to him while working at Carlo’s Bakery, made famous by the show Cake Boss, in December of 2018 and go viral with “Realistic Cakes Looks Like Everyday Objects”.

“I figured I had to do something that would catch the world’s attention,” he said. “And I figured why not just do hyperrealistic cakes and then let’s shoot videos of cutting into them?”

At the time he thought, they’d take off in a couple years via social media. But, he says, “it was so quick, it took off in like eight months. It was insane.”

Luke keeps a running Notes app full of ideas for new cakes on his phone, but sometimes he’ll simply see something—like the bowl of fruit in his kitchen, for instance—and get inspired to make something. That actually happened once, by the way, and the result was a cake that looked exactly like a mango. Other times, he simply has new cake techniques he wants to implement and creates cakes in which that technique will be used.

“It’s kind of funny because you’ll see the comments and they’ll be like ‘okay this is really cool but who asked for an egg carton cake?’ I’m like ‘no one,'” he said with a laugh. “I just wanted to do it.”

But just because he’s made so many cakes over the years doesn’t mean it’s easy. Luke said he treats cakes like a puzzle, and that many of the cakes create their own unique challenges. Two of the toughest types of cakes to make? Ones that look like shoes and ones that look like cars.

“Both shoes and cars, everything has to be exact if you want it to look good,” he said. “They’re so specifically designed and built. You have to look at it like you’re a shoemaker, kind of. Or like you’re really building a car, [with] different measurements. Those two are super, super exact.”

All that said, Luke’s advice for aspiring cake decorators? “Get in touch with [your] patient side.”

It’s that insane attention to detail that’s made Luke’s cakes a smash online, especially recently. They’re garnered a lot of attention before, sure, but seeing his cakes in videos that are going mega-viral as part of the Everything Is Cake meme has been a wild experience.

“It’s funny to see the same, like, four people’s cakes being featured—and it’s so rewarding to be one of them, too,” he said. “And then there are people who are like ‘enough, I’m tired of this,’ and I’m like, it’s not going anywhere! This was a thing long before this meme.” much fun in Realistic Cakes Looks Like Everyday Objects

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