Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise: Imagine swinging by a café to get a morning cup of coffee and encountering an angry, violent telekinetic woman. How would you react? What would you do? These are questions that unsuspecting members of the public had to answer in a scary prank set up by viral video marketing firm Thinkmodo.

In the cool prank, a man spills coffee on a woman’s computer and all hell breaks loose. She stands up and, ignoring his offers to help, throws him up against the wall. The tables around her slide away from her seemingly on their own, and books begin flying from the shelves. Once the “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise” actress turns around and starts screaming, it’s safe to assume that the unassuming member of the public is scared out of their minds.

In reality, the elaborate setup and telekinesis stunts was designed by Thinkmodo to advertise a new movie Carrie, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. The café’s interior is an elaborate setup with pulleys and other elements of Hollywood magic designed to create astonishing live-action effects. The rest of the “customers” at the café are also actors in on the gag, and the customer at the counter seems to be the only one not in on the funny prank.

The move is based on King’s first published novel, which helped establish his fame as a horror author. Through a collection of letters, newspaper clippings, and other documents, it tells the story of Carrie, a much-maligned high school girl who develops Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise powers and in a plot twist uses them to exact revenge on her abusers in a small suburban U.S. town.

If you’ve been online in the past couple of days, you’ve probably come across the infamous “Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise” video on YouTube. Thinkmodo, the viral video marketing agency responsible for the publicity campaigns for films like Chronicle and The Last Exorcism 2, took over the ‘Snice Coffee Shop in the West Village to stage an elaborate prank to promote the upcoming Carrie remake. The set-up is simple: a disgruntled costumer with telekinetic powers loses control of her emotions while hidden cameras catch the reaction the coffee shop patrons.

If you think that these customers reacting to the terrifying events unfolding before them are actors, think again. How are we so sure? Mallory Lance, our very own Programming Operations Manager at TFF, was one of the victims! She described the circumstances that brought her to the coffee shop at that exact moment: “My friend Sam, who used to work for the festival, asked me to come meet him for coffee because he had some down time during a shoot. As soon as I ordered my chai latte, I witnessed a girl at a nearby table let loose on this guy for spilling his drink on her. When the telekinetic stunt shortly followed the scene, I was just floored.”

What if Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise was real?

That is the description on this terrifying video where a woman in a New York coffee shop apparently uses the power of telekinesis to throw someone up against the wall.

And she also moves tables and chairs around and throws books using only her mind as the other customers look on in horror.

Witnesses of the event are justifiably scared witless but none of them flee the scene instead choosing to stay and see what unfolds next.

But don’t fear, nobody actually has the power of telekinesis – not that we know of anyway.

It’s all just an elaborate stunt designed to hype up and promote the upcoming remake of Carrie which is set to hit cinemas later this year.

And it has certainly worked – the video is an online phenomenon getting over 2,000,000 hits in just one day.

The woman with the Carrie-esque powers is actually an actress who – despite the convincing show – is not actually possessed by the devil.

The man thrown up against the wall is also an actor and a combination of a fake backdrop and some fancy electronics produces a pretty convincing result in Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise.

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