The Super Strong Meter Maid — a.k.a. actress Jenni Ruiza — is strong enough to lift a two-plus-ton taxi, so long as a few parts are removed.

The video “The Super Strong Meter Maid” racked up more than 750,000 views in four days on YouTube. Ruiza’s uplifting feat is as enjoyable to watch as the hilarious shocked reactions from Manhattan pedestrians. My personal favorite moment is the man explaining it to a person on the phone — he can hardly get the words out without screaming in joyous laughter.

Ruiza’s extensive experience creating parodies and pranks for the Internet is worth review, so I asked Jenni how she worked with Thinkmodo’s Michael Krivicka and Did That Just Happen to pull off The Super Strong Meter Maid prank, which is so mad-science-meets-Manhattan:

Margarita Noriega:How did you prepare for the role?

Jenni Ruiza:This is going to sound crazy, but I go to the gym pretty regularly, and once it started getting closer to the shoot date I just stopped working out, knowing I’d be getting a crazy workout on my arms!

Margarita Noriega: It was a fake car, right? I mean, how heavy was it?

Jenni Ruiza:Well, yes and no. It was a shell of a car where the motor was removed. It was designed specifically for the shoot. There were, I think, 5 tons of weight added to the back of the taxi that made lifting it feel like picking up my 30-pound dog.

Margarita Noriega: What were the responses like?

Jenni Ruiza:People were really amazed that I picked the car up, so I got a lot of high-fives, some fun choice words and expletives (which I welcomed).

New Yorkers are pretty jaded, but watching a meter maid lift up a taxi will get a reaction out of anyone.

That’s the lesson we’ve learned in the new clip from YouTube pranksters “Did That Just Happen” – they’re the ones who brought us that terrifying “Devil Baby Attack” clip last year. This new one is called, fittingly, “The Super Strong Meter Maid.”

“Jenni” plays a meter maid in the Big Apple being put upon by a rude cab driver. The cab, meanwhile, has been rigged to make it look like Jenni’s able to lift its front end up with her bare hands. While it lacks the “uncanny terror” aspect of “Devil Baby Attack,” “Super Strong Meter Maid” definitely engenders similar reactions from passersby. The clip’s picked up nearly 240,000 views as of this writing, so even if Did That Just Happen is only on track to produce one clip a year, they’re doing a pretty solid job so far.

The Super Strong Meter Maid

It’s a pretty typical New York City scene. Cab driver parks where he’s not supposed to, a traffic cop confronts him. The cabby refuses to move his taxi. Heated words are exchanged — and then the diminutive cop lifts the front of the taxi four feet off the ground to prove the taxi driver can move his car.

Suffice it to say, the feisty cop did not just Hulk-out and something else is afoot here.

The clip “The Super Strong Meter Maid” , embedded above, is another viral video from Thinkmodo, the team that brought you Devil Baby. This time, however, Thinkmodo, led by James Percelay and Michael Krivicka, left the genre behind and built something that looks completely real. In essence, it’s a practical special effect that could be used over and over again on the real streets of New York City in front of stunned onlookers.

The video “The Super Strong Meter Maid” is part of a marketing campaign for a new car selling Web app called The service lets users take a smartphone photo of the car they want to sell, fills in all the paperwork and creates, essentially, the online listing. It also allows people to buy cars. CEO Bryan Harmon told Mashable that he contacted the Thinkmodo team after seeing their Devil Baby and Carrie the Movie viral efforts and asked them to create a campaign for them. The goal would be to show how easy it is to buy and sell cars on Beyond that, though, Harmon offered no guidance.

“As a CEO, I’ve learned If people are successful at what they do and they know the route they want to take, then who am I to say they’re going the wrong way?” said Harmon.

Thinkmodo was undaunted, as they have a pretty methodical way of approaching these often elaborate projects.

“When we approach projects, our first thought is, ‘What is it that would get attention?’ and in realm of cars, someone lifting up a car would do the trick.” Much fun in The Super Strong Meter Maid.

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